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The Wines

65% Grenache, 15% Cinsault, 10% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre, Clairette, Carignan (vines early-mid 1990s) from clay-limestone soils inc on Les Vestides, cool 12-24 hour maceration, direct press wine “to avoid too much colour”, vat fermented, raised 4 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink as aperitif, or with charcuterie/salamis, seafood, fish, meat in sauce, roasted, grilled meats”, 10-60,000 b

2019 ()

red-tinted robe, Tavel depth to it. The bouquet is weighty, obvious, leads on bubble gum, candy aromas, with a stewed fruits backdrop, mulled raspberries and a note of rose hip. The palate is wide on attack, holds plentiful cherry-style content, a vigorous fat in it. It’s less refined than some this year, has a succulent profile, ending on a sweet fervour. It will go well with fruit tart desserts, sauced chicken, wild mushroom dishes. The length is sure. 13.5°. To 2023 June 2020


bright, attractive red robe. The nose is lightly floral, soft, with a red cherry, strawberry centre, a note of spice. The palate has a peppy start, gives live, stylish red fruits with a good swing in their step, the fruit lasting nicely into a soft gras close. This is authentic Tavel, well suited to brandade [local cod dish], grilled rouget/red mullets, sardine dishes, for example. I like its freshness, pings of clarity, and juiciness. 14°. To 2021  May 2019


red-tinted, true Tavel robe, a jolie start. Has a nice and immediate nose – redcurrants on skates, wild strawberry, has a touch of candy and cherry stone. It has the neat inner depth of the 2017 vintage, isn’t flighty. The palate offers a bustling red-fruited flavour with vivacity in its persistence, a touch of southern sweetness. This drinks freely and well, its flavour right on the enjoyment button. The finish is assertive, and encourages appetite, literally – chicken in herbs, for example. It carries good definition, and well established fruit that ticks over well. It’s good, genuine Tavel. 14°. 10,000 b. 60% Gren, 15% Cins, 15% Mourv, Clairette, Carignan, 10% Syr. To 2020 July 2018

2016 ()

this has a classic Tavel robe – bright pale red, orange tints. The nose is a bingo garrigue, dried herbs such as thyme strewn affair, with some neat sweetness in its strawberry fruit, a touch of lavender lifting it, too. The palate comes well together, exudes red berry fruit with a fine mix of sweetness of content freshness of shape. It runs directly, and its supple texture from middle to finish is most pleasing. Good balance, STGT Tavel here. The aftertaste is fresh. 14°. 60,000 b. 2019-20 July 2017


red-tinted robe. The nose is rather sultry, bears reduction, so air before drinking. There is a sweet, slightly fat air of red fruits in syrup, delivered with breadth. The palate is well packed with red fruits and a light trail of tannin that aids its structure. This is interesting, not obvious, with its content going long. Good with poultry and aubergine, Provençal dishes. A complete Tavel with a happy fineness at its heart. 14°. 10,000 b. 2018 May 2016

2014 ()

pink, wee red tints. The nose gives a tidy, slightly sweet, rounded aroma of simmered red berries. The palate is tasty, and complete now – it is fresh enough to encourage another glass, has the body for chicken, turkey, courgette dishes. Has a quiet length, the red fruit present on the aftertaste. 2017  Jun 2015   

2013 ()

red-hued robe, The nose resembles walking through the perfume counter at Galeries Lafayette, as well a brioche from the baker nearby, a yeasty angle, thus. The palate is tighter, more structured, has a thread of red cherry fruit, and finishes OK, if a little bitter. The palate beats the nose. 14°. To 2017  Jun 2015 

2012 ()

handsome pale cherry red robe, a light top rim. Facile red fruit, candy airs with redcurrant jelly, a little spice – the bouquet spreads widely, is in a primary state without much nuance, and touches of lavender, dust, quince. This is modern wine, has close-fitting fruit at the helm, gains power as it goes, until a firm finish, with powdery tannins, dustiness there. Attractive, has local character. 13.5°. To 2015  May 2013


pink, fine and attractive robe. Has a simple, delicate air – red fruits with an earthy note, shows a trace of herbs in the local fashion. The palate starts firmly, has fine fruit, evokes small berries. It dries towards the finish, which is taut, stretched. This needs more lift. From mid-2012, may settle and run further. 13.5°. To 2014 May 2012


pale red; red jam, rather “solid” nose of considerable depth – a serious wine is suggested straight away. The palate starts briskly, on the move, holds fresh red fruits with plenty of body around them. Good length. Has a secure, broad finale. Some late tannin included. Authentic Tavel, solid stuff. 13.5°. From mid-2011. To 2013-14 March 2011

2008 ()

bright pink; red cherry, friendly aroma, which is more substantial than many 2008s. The palate, by contrast, is rather lean – it narrows down, and its acidity asserts, moves away from the fruit at the end. Need to review this in another four months or so. 13.5°. March 2009

2007 ()

has a low-key pink colour; holds a red fruit-raspberry aroma with some jam air in it - has pretty secure depth and some bonbon sweets also. There is quite a tight weave of red fruit on the palate, with a slight red wine structure from half way, with solid final moments. Has a couch of depth – the flavour is plum, quince jelly. There is a touch of sweetness, followed by a salty tang on the aftertaste. This can serve for aperitif, but I prefer food – hors d'oeuvres, quiches (go well with its tang), egg fried rice, for example. 2009-10 June 2008


pale pink; wispy, strawberry aroma, light air of red berry jam. The palate is reserved, almost wiry. The red fruit needs food rather than solo drinking. Quite typical, it has firm touches late on. “Grilled foods, cheese such as Cantal or Gruyère, not strong cheeses,” Géraldine Lafond. 2009. June 2007