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The Wines

40-85% Grenache blanc, 10-35% Viognier, 0-25% Marsanne, 0-10% Roussanne (vines late 2000s) from sandy soils, cool post pressing decantation, steel vat fermented, raised 3-4 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink with white meats, fish”, 2,500-2,900 b


sound yellow colour. The bouquet is restrained, but it has depth, is solid in style, a hint of sea salt above it, suggests Grenache blanc, also shows fresh peach, roast almond notes. The palate has a nicely sturdy debut from its Grenache blanc base, and that continues all through, is close-knit, holds a firm couch of content. This has a proper structure for la table, depth and resilience along the palate up to white meats, full dishes. It’s a bit dumb right now, and decanting will aid it. There’s an infused tea, linden [tilleul] note on the aftertaste. It’s grounded Lirac blanc, is terrestrial, has good heart and length. There is a nicely implicit oiliness in the texture. Serve in a large glass. Marked on potential. 14°. 2,500 b. 40% Gren bl, 35% Vio, 25% Marsanne. From mid-2019. 2024-25 Sept 2018

2016 ()

shiny yellow robe, good allure. The enjoyable, appealing bouquet is led by soft peach airs, ripe nectarine, a hint of banana. The palate expresses greengage plum with a note of gooseberry freshness as its spur. This has quiet quality, is a true southern table wine, the plump heart in tune with turbot, sea bass. It’s fine and wholesome, with a nudge of salt on the finish. It drinks very well now. The finish is a little sudden, but it’s great with cod fish. 14°. 2021-22 May 2018