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LVT  2018 rosé 2015 r Eric Pfifferling is big on Vin Nature. He uses little SO2, constantly seeks to further his understanding of vineyard and cellar, and keeps a low profile. He was joined by sons Thibault in 2015 and Joris in late 2016, so there is definite energy here. Vineyard work is detailed and accomplished. The wines are full of interest, and can live pretty well also, all the more if stably and coolly cellared by the purchaser. The Tavel Anglore Vintage [pink label] is raised for 12-18 months, about twice the duration of the classic blue label Tavel. There is also a drink early, more aperitif style of Tavel called Prima, introduced in 2018. The Lirac L'Anglore red from 1971-73 vines is a wine of character, as one would expect, the 2015 a **** wine

Eric & Marie-Laure Pfifferling, sons Thibault & Joris route des Vignobles 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 33 08 46

Countries exported to:1) Japan 2) Belgium 3) Germany 4) Denmark

Percentage Exported: 50%

British Importers: Gergovie Wines 70 Druid Street London SE1 2HQ and 40 Maltby Street London SE1 3PA +44(0)207 237 9247 www.gergovie-wines.com info@gergoviewines.com has been Les Caves de Pyrène, Pew Corner, Old Portsmouth Road, Artington GU3 1LP www.lescaves.co.uk +44(0)1483 554750/538820 sales@lescaves.co.uk

USA Importers: Fifi's Import +1646 932 1034 fifisimportinc@gmail.com www.fifisimport.com