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The Wines

43-60% Clairette (1984), 25-39% Grenache blanc (1980), 15-18% Picpoul (1979), 0-10% Viognier, (before 2010s was 30% Clairette 50% Grenache blanc 20% Picpoul), from sandy soils on Les Coudoulières at Saint Laurent des Arbres (Clairette & Viognier) and galet stone covered soils on La Plane at Lirac (Grenache blanc, Picpoul), vat fermented, raised 4 months, lees stirred, malo blocked, “we pick the crop very ripe, and from the Clairette seek finesse and complexity, floral and aromatic notes; it ages very well”, 28-40,000 b


pale yellow; softly fruited nose here, pears, limes in the picture, rather a sleek start it is. The palate drinks easily, with a sound flow of white fruits, pear, plum, and a little grip, tightness, on the finish. There is enough freshness, in part prompted by carbonic gas, to allow drinking with steamed fish, for example. 14.5°. 2022-23 May 2019


fine yellow colour. Has an alert bouquet, a twirl of peach and cooked pear fruit, with a salty-nutty nudge, some inner strength from the hot summer, has southern outdoor notes, wild fennel, saline features. This attacks fully and well, rolls along with fluid gras richness, plenty of squeeze in the content, the length secure, showing grip-tang on the close. It has good spark, and will accompany well pork, sauced fish. There’s fine juice on the finish. This will please, is always good. 14°. 43% Clairette, 39% Gren bl, 18% Picpoul. 30,000 b. 2023-24 Sept 2018


pale flint colour. The nose gives a buzzy, open aroma of pear with apricot, has a fat, southern nature, notes of lime, a drift of salt. The palate retains the squeezy, juicy nature suggested by the nose. This is fun drinking, a plump appeal at its heart, the length sound, too. It finishes clearly, some nuttiness there. I like its ball of gras in dead centre. The crop has been well ripened, and that shows in its texture and fatness. It’s juicy, with enjoyable, rather elegant gras, lovely fat. Versatile with many dishes – Asiatic, fish, white meats, Provence. 14.5°. 2021-22 June 2017 GB Good VALUE £9.95 The Wine Society +44(0)438 741177 www.thewinesociety.com 


pale yellow. Has a comfortable bouquet with a bonny spot of ripeness, greengage plum and peach airs present, some roasted nuts. The palate moves towards exotic fruits such as guava, with a quince-like tightness on the finish. This has stature, is a serious Rhône white, deserves classy produce such as turbot, halibut, sea bass. It is elegantly broad, and the length is fresh. Decanting an option. 14.5°. 2021-22  Feb 2016


yellow robe; grilling shows on the nose, peach fruit behind, almost an air of varnish. The palate has an oak-toast emphasis, with a nectarine, mango, greengage and Victoria plum flavouring. It ends with a firm grip, the mango fruit there. Suited to white meats, has the body for such dishes. It’s a bit constructed. 14.5°. 2021-22 Feb 2016


yellow robe; the nose is out and forward, has depth, is led by peach, a note of fennel-aniseed as well. This is a solid quality start. The palate is graceful, rolls well, with a bonny, tasty point of gras richness, that leads into late acidity, freshness. The flavour resembles dried fruits, apricot. The length is good and fresh. This is wholesome and genuine, and versatile with many food options: it has the body for white meats, fish. It keeps going very well, the finish full of beans. 14°. 2020-22  Aug 2015

2012 ()

pale robe, green tints. The nose is broad, floral airs such as jasmine and honeysuckle feature, bears white fruits, pear, is nicely harmonious. The palate is round, and goes well with a cod brandade. Its gras richness is sealed, has a traditional style thanks to the Clairette and Gren blanc proportion. The palate moves towards hazelnut and aniseed, has southern fat. “It has good volume, roundness and gras,” Richard Maby. Suited to goat cheese, for instance. 14.5°. 2020-22 May 2013

2011 ()

pale yellow. Has a floral, acacia style first aroma with a light butter undernote, a drift of honey, tobacco - a pretty stylish bouquet. The palate bears soft white fruit, vanilla present. It is all as one. There are flavours of white plum, grenadine almost. The aftertaste is nice and smoky, clear and tangy, lasts well. Marks for relaxed appeal. 14.5°. 50% Clair, 25% Gren bl, 15% Picpoul, 10% Vio, 28,000 b this year. To 2016  May 2013

2010 ()

tinted yellow; pear on the front nose, with salty, nutty airs behind; this nose implies a wine of muscle. The palate is securely deep, is flavoured by dried fruits, its length is solid. Shows good, firm late grip. Sound white wine. Suited to food, but also can do the aperitif. 14°. 2019-20 England, June 2011 Previously March 2011 ***(*) pretty yellow robe; even air to the nose which is fine but also fat, reticent for now: has depth, shows cooked or baked peach aromas for now. Good fat debut to the palate, moves with freedom as well, is nice and thorough. Food best. Rather modern, but has good length, is all very consecutive. 13.5°. To 2016. March 2011


pale yellow. Soft white fruit with some top spice and dash in a purposeful, direct bouquet. There is also an oily essence, pear fruit in it. The palate starts briskly – offers direct, almost cutting white fruit that has a graininess in its texture. Late moments suggest slightly loose fruit, as if the ripening was not really thorough. Ends on a dried fruits flavour – firm to the point of being austere there. Air then coaxes out a more rounded, honeyed late taste, and it lengthens a bit. 13.5°. To 2013. Jan 2010

2007 ()

low key yellow robe; has a nutted, even, buttery nose which is quite fine in nature. Has a nicely full palate, with a good groove. The length is good. There is a good mix of fruit and freshness, more so than the other local wines made in part with Marsanne or Roussanne. Good elegance and flow here. Can do fine for the aperitif or towards the end of a meal. To 2010-11. June 2008


pear, peach aroma with some southern depth, but is steely and not very deep. Quite a rich interior to the palate, with a direct outer layer. Has a buzzy, spiced end. Is rather taut overall. The taste is of stone fruits, the length is fair. A fresh, live wine suited to aperitif drinking. May settle and be better with food by mid 2008. To 2010. June 2007

2005 ()

(half bottle) light white fruit, nut aroma with a spice top. Citronelle start to palate, rather a pushed wine, with a jolt of acidity. Not ensemble. The interior is quite rich. Uneven. Would prefer to try it again. June 2007

2004 ()

white fruit aroma with a baked nature, is reserved and a little hidden today. Dried fruits with some spice and later on honey references on the palate. Has good late grip and clarity and ends frankly. Interesting wine, now in transition. 2011-12 June 2007