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LVT 2019 rosé 2016 r STGT alert here. True, genuine Tavel that is absolutely suited to local Mediterranean dishes. The wines do well over time, longer than most. The 2015 was STGT, very good indeed, the ****(*) 2017 also STGT. The 2019 was a solid, slightly hidden, full **** wine. In 2019 Gaël had fun working with Eric Pfifferling on a new zero added SO2 cuvée called La Combe des Rieu. Cask raised, this is a wine of much character, which held very well for days once opened. The Lirac red is also good and well-filled, the 2016 a **** wine where the 17% Mourvèdre made a firm imprint. helpful to its structure. 

Gaël Petit Les Vignobles Mireille Petit-Roudil 104 rue de la Combe 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 50 06 55


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