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The Wines

40-50% Grenache noir & blanc, 30% Cinsault (both from clay above limestone soils on Les Vestides), 0-10% Carignan, 0-10% Syrah, 10% Clairette blanche, Bourboulenc, Mourvèdre, av age 50 years, from all four zones, notably Les Vestides, sandy soils, red clay with limestone soils, 12-36 hour cool maceration, then pressing, concrete vat fermented 2 weeks at 18°C, concrete vat raised 5-6 months with fine lees stirring, bottled early March, malo blocked, filtered, “a wine for dishes – drink with Mediterranean cooking and Oriental cooking, leg of lamb,” 12-19,000 b


hearty, traditional Tavel robe with a gleaming red heart. The bouquet has inner sweetness, is under wraps, not yet out and about. There is a latent aroma of raspberry, a note of liqueur essence. It’s in no hurry. The palate sweeps along broadly, with textured, rolling richness, carries engaging plump, well filled content with a sure step into its extended, rounded close. It’s rather majestic Tavel which covers the ground well, and deserves well thought out Mediterranean, Middle Eastern dishes. 14.5°. 2024 July 2020

2017 ()

cherry red robe, good brightness. The nose has an elegant depth, shows cherry fruit, perfumed strawberry, dried herbs; it’s as authentic a Tavel start as you could wish for, its sweetness aiding its depth. There is good life on the attack and through it, a stream of red berry fruit, cherry stone flavour and stylish continuity, persistence, really reaches out into an extended finish, ending on an up surf. STGT Tavel, real truth here. The content has puckish, varied flavours, content – never a dull moment! It has a very bonny, expressive mid-palate. 14°. 2021-22 Sept 2018


deep, dark cherry red robe with good lustre. The bouquet is cool, sits with inner depth in its cherry fruit, a shade of “high” from reduction, a sense of a smatter of dried herbs. The attack is buoyant, and offers a very plump core of juice with some keen freshness on the finish. It is its usual self in terms of a deeply set cherry near the stone fruit, a hint of power, and should be the destination for Asian and garlic-inspired dishes. There is a salt-toned aftertaste. It is long and intense, holds a secure, deep mid-palate, more so than most. 14°. 2020-21 July 2017

2015 ()

bright red-tinted robe. The nose combines saltiness with a drift of lavender that makes for a pleasing start. There is a fine air of red cherry and redcurrant within. It is discreetly broad, and holds up well. It has just a tiny note of reduction. The palate is expressive right from the start. This is top grade Tavel, an STGT wine with real local declaration. There is a spark in the fruit, and the freshness is a winner, all through. The aftertaste bundles garrigue, dried herbs and some mystery contributors. This stimulates mind and palate. 14.5°. 2020-2021, longer in magnum May 2016

2014 ()

red-tinted robe. This has a butty bouquet – there is a stub of red cherry jam, a high note of reduction that suggests – colour and aroma – the presence of Syrah. There are definite red wine liaisons here. The palate certainly stays in red wine territory – it is overtly full, with a simmered red fruits flavour and a note of glow on the finish. A both hands full wine – drink with veal, tuna. I like its honesty, and offer of sunshine in the glass. 14°. 50% Gren, 30% Cins, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv, Bourboulenc, Clairette. “2014 has very belle balance between acidity and alcohol; it will age well thanks to this freshness,” Gaël Petit. 2019-20 Jun 2015   


red tinted colour, light rim. There is big reduction on the nose, a real pong of the farmyard, which of course implies the wine can live. The palate sets out its stall on red cherry, jam-coulis style fruit, and I am not sure how clean it is. 14.5°. Bottle 2: red-tinted, attractive robe. The nose expresses garrigue, herbs, a Provençal abundance, the fruit pure as anything. There are also licorice-aniseed notes. The palate links very closely to the nose; this is rolling STGT wine, is really good and clear, full of heart, The Real Thing. Its red cherry flavour is dense, and goes hand in hand with my bouillabaisse. 14.8°. 2020-21  Jun 2015


pale red, light orange tints in the robe. Has a wide, rippling nose, bears violet and licorice that compete with red cherry, redcurrant fruit, lavender – this is a welcoming, interesting start. The palate sets off well, led by pretty full garrigue influences, then tones down, ending on a more saline, mature fruit note. Redcurrant fruit lies at its heart. Suited to foods, is The Real Thing, STGT wine. It can lengthen more over the next three months, has potential. It finishes well, in a different style to the attack. In style, it leans towards the traditional, classic. Genuine Tavel, grips well on the finish, is very complete. To 2016. May 2013

2010 ()

red-tinted robe; candy, red sweets aroma, sweet undernotes, red cherry jam, with spice-licorice hints. Sweet style, solid palate with a soda pop flavour, or candy-rede jelly. Has a firm vein in the later stages. A bit rustic. Fruit fades on the finish. 14°. To 2013. July 2011


pink colour, with low-key red tints. Fresh, cherry fruit-inspired nose that has life and appeal. Direct, sympa red fruits on the palate, providing a cherry flavour that has a little gras inside it. Sound length. It weaves on the finish, where there is a pebbly, touch burnt note for now. 14°. 2011. March 2009


magnum, with age: the robe is an orange-pink colour. The bouquet has plenty going on – crushed redcurrant airs, spice, dill and fennel, an aroma of small cherry tarts with their baking. The body on the palate is attractive, with a tea, camomile infusion aspect, just some late heat (it is 14.5°), the prime fruit cherry. Great with lamb cutlets. Very good balance and content – it plays its texture card very well – lovely and smooth. The palate becomes very comfortable as it airs. Can tick on for some time to come: 2018-20 in magnum May 2013 Previously June 2008 ***(*) full pink, very light red robe; the nose is pretty, with comfortable, rounded red fruit, gentle wild strawberry and some iris-peony floral airs. The palate starts with a supple, well constituted roundness, and is always on the curve. Has a rather fleshy composition, its sweetness facilitating that. This will be good with Asian cuisine – sweet Shanghai foods, even desserts such as peach tarts, soaked strawberries. There is some late herbal-fennel grip. Genuine wine. To end 2009 June 2008

2006 ()

quite a full robe with a red hue in it. Broad, red fruits bouquet, with alert appeal – plenty here. Crisp start, with a spritely dance to the red fruit – cherries – and a good, active feel with nice clarity. Quite a full-on wine, it lengthens well. Has a red cherry, puckish aftertaste. This is the genuine Tavel of all times – almost the mini red wine, from that school. A little late burn, but serve food, and all is well. Can serve as an aperitif, but the food choice is wide – grilled lamb cutlets, herb dishes, fish such as daurade grilled with herbs. To 2010. June 2007