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The Wines

50-60% Grenache, 20-35% Cinsault, 2-11% Clairette, 2-10% Bourboulenc & Picpoul, 6-9% Syrah & old Carignan from clay-limestone, galet stone soils, av age 30 years, cool 48-72 hour maceration, 10-15 day vat fermentation at 13-14°C, concrete & steel vat raised 5-6 months, bottled early March, malo blocked, “drink with duck, lamb, Asian cuisine, sushi, almond tajine, paella, Provençale cuisine, white meats, soupe au Pistou, goat cheese”, 70-100,000 b


crimson-red robe, clear and appealing; the bouquet murmurs a sweet strawberry aroma, with an easy roundness, a trim ripeness, about it. The palate has a weighty debut, a flavour of soaked fruits, layered levels of fruit. It carries the extreme ripeness of the vintage, with the Grenache bringing a little heaviness. As such, it requires careful pairing à table, since it will overwhelm refined dishes. Perhaps paella, couscous. It feels droopy, needs more lift. 14.5°. 2022 June 2020


clear, bright red robe. The nose has a note of lavender with its red cherry fruit, a neat sweetness underpinning it. There’s a hint of warm tones. The palate moves well with a fresh lining of red fruits, cherries to the fore, raspberry tucked in. It delivers a good, live glass of Tavel that will be great with grilled rouget/red mullet, fish with oiliness. It gives instant pleasure, is a w.o.w. wine that really delivers. 14°. To 2021 May 2019


red-tinted, clear robe. The bouquet is quietly compact, if not sturdy, red fruit, strawberry to the fore. It has more weight than the Lauzeraies form the same stable. The palate is nicely broad, and sustains well, with a neat gras that persists on a suave texture, its red cherry fruit nicely prolonged. A good southern lands image is given here, notes of strawberry and redcurrant. It’s genuine, has style. 13.5°. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 11% Clair, 10% Picpoul, Bourb, 9% Syr, Cari. 100,000 b. €4.80 export. To mid-2020 July 2018


red, scarlet-tinted robe. The nose holds back, but has restrained depth. The fruit combines redcurrant and strawberry, holds a mild sweetness, leans towards an aroma of crushed strawberry. The palate is gourmand, squelchy, again with some sweetness. It is well juiced, and picks up dried herbs and a gummy note of toffee towards the finish. It is an ensemble, but lacks some of the deft touches and detail of the leading 2016s. 14°. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 11% Clair, 10% Picpoul, Bourb, 9% Syr, Cari. 100,000 b. €4.70 export. To 2019 June 2017


red-tinted robe, a full appeal. The nose has a savoury ripeness, with a note of good chicken stock and a coulis of strawberry and raspberry. The palate trips along very well, with a fresh run of red fruits and the detail of the vintage, the elements precisely set out in the glass. Very enjoyable, a real Tavel with gusto and the uplift of the vintage. Good with brandade, steamed fish. 14°. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 11% Clair, 10% Picpoul, Bourb, 9% Syr, Cari. 100,000 b. €4.70 export. To 2018  May 2016


has a red noted robe, a pale rim. The bouquet has a savoury aspect, a ripe roundness, the red fruits simmered in style. The palate hustles along, with a line of red cherry fruit, just a little on the jam side of the equation. Honest Tavel, nothing fancy. Suited to Asiatic, Thai cuisine, and North African dishes as well. 14°. To 2017 Jun 2015


red-tinted dark pink colour; fresh, local herbs air in a brioche-nutty setting, a bouquet with a spiced redcurrant jelly at its heart, a bit of candy. The attack here is supple, open; again, a candy effect comes through. It gives simple, immediate pleasure, lacks nuance on its second half, but reaches a fair length by the end. Efficient Tavel, low on soul, but OK. 50% Gren, 20% Cins, 11% Clair, 10% Picpoul/Bourb, 9% Syr/Cari this year.  To 2015  May 2013


light red tints in robe. Round shape to bouquet – in a an early, primary state, just the red fruit for now without implying other influences. Sweet-noted palate, and it is strange that is it is a bit ponderous in a fresh vintage such as 2010. The finale is round – it is fat there. Suited to foods such as pork, salmon. It bites late on the palate. The length is decent. Has red wine, full instincts. 58% Gren, 32% Cins, 6% Syrah/Carignan, 4% Clairette/Bourboulenc this year. To 2013-14 July 2011


pink robe; there is an easy curve of red fruit on the nose and a little sweetness there, too. The palate holds direct red fruit with low-key filling in and around it; it runs straight, but has enough matter to leave its mark. The length is OK. Herbal aftertaste is local. STGT wine. 2010-11 March 2009


there is a red lacing in the pink colour; has a carbonic gas aroma, with a little red fruit within – is a bit narrow or pointed. The palate is also zesty – it tightens and does not run calmly. Ends airily, with escapist fruit and is rather firm, even burnt, on the finish. June 2008

2006 ()

pale robe, the pink lightening up. Has a subdued nose with a hint of jam in the aroma, a little strawberry. The palate is pushy, with a wee bit of sweetness. Has a couch of a supple texture before a clear finish. Is just a bit loose. Light foods are best – this is not up to structured foods. To end 2008. July 2008

2005 ()

broad, live bouquet, some grip. Shows strawberry and pebble heat. Meaty, full wine, charged up at 14° or more. Eat with white meat to get round the alcohol. May 2006, London