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The Wines

59% Grenache, 13% Cinsault, 9% Carignan, 8% Mourvèdre, 6% Syrah, 5% Clairette from sandy soils, av age 30 years, 48-72 hour maceration, pressing, then low temperature fermentation, 10-15 days at 13°-14°C, concrete & steel vat raised 5-6 months, malo blocked, “drink throughout a meal, with Asian dishes, tajine with almonds, duck in orange, roast turkey, spiced dishes, soupe au Pistou, Provençal cuisine, dry goat cheese”, has been called Terroir des Sables, 100,000 b


magenta-tinted robe; the bouquet is full, not obvious, has a low-key exposé of crushed cherry fruit, Morello in style. There is a hint of sweetness, ripeness. The palate links well, presents a good, broad wave of black cherry fruit, pleases through its suave texture, rolls along truly to its well rounded finish, plenty of juice there. This is good Tavel for la table, with garlic dishes, spiced seasoning on the menu. 14°. To 2022 June 2020


fair red robe; the bouquet is mild and curvy, based on herbs, candy, red berries. The palate comes with salted touches, and a little neat richness at its centre, spreading across the late palate, giving pleasure there. The fruit travels a good long way. There is a savoury aspect to the red fruit, and this will go well with a range of dishes, including spaghetti all vongole, soft cheese, cod, steamed Japanese dishes, teriyaki. Its length is excellent. 14°. To 2021 May 2019


clear red colour, a mite pale. There is fresh nerve and verve on the nose, which is a little will o’the wisp in its floating red fruit aroma, catch me if you can. There’s a neat sweetness at its centre, a touch of pear drop sweets. The palate glides along on smooth flow red fruits, has juiciness at its heart before a gradual toning down on the finish. It’s fine Tavel, more for medium flavoured dishes, not strong ones, which means cold cuts, salads, steamed noodle dishes. It lacks real carry into the finish. This is a fragrant style of lighter Tavel – the fruit is amusing, if light. 13.5°. To late 2019 July 2018


the robe is more red than pink. The nose gives a steady aroma led by red cherries, a neat strawberry aroma, just a hint of candy. It sustains with more depth than a Provence rosé. The palate is a real winner – here come juicy, wholesome, refreshing red fruit flavours; nourishing, fluid gras lies at its centre. It’s long, detailed, and the finish is clear-0cut, really tangy. 2016 is a very good vintage at Tavel: it’s rare to encounter such fat gras built into its fresh lines and surround. The fruit is racy, pointu, on the spot, on the go. Its lucid nature absolutely corresponds to its sandy soils, so it’s STGT wine in your glass. 14°. 100,000 b. 59% Grenache, 13% Cinsault, 9% Carignan, 8% Mourvèdre, 6% Syrah, 5% Clairette. €4.70 – very good VALUE. To 2020 May 2017


fine red hue, typical Tavel robe. Elder berry and licorice combine on the first nose, with a red fruit jelly side beyond. A good start. The palate is well lined with free run red fruit, strawberry at its heart, and finishes with a lightly salted clarity. There is good, central gras present. The fruit quality is good here. Clear, enjoyable drinking. Fish dishes ideal, salmon included. 14°. 59% Grenache, 13% Cinsault, 9% Carignan, 8% Mourvèdre, 6% Syrah, 5% Clairette. €4.70. To 2018  May 2016