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LVT 2019 rosé 2007 r Leading name here, a fresh style of Tavel sought. They are organic wines that have been a little light recently, New Wave, one foot in the Provence camp. The style is airborne, bright, a little ephemeral compared to the traditionally deep Tavels that I favour. They are riveted to a ***(*) level as result.

Guillaume Dugas, Ralph Garcin Route de Rochefort du Gard 30126 Tavel

Tel: +33(0)466 50 04 48

http:// www.prieuredemontezargues.fr


British Importers: Thorman Hunt Co Ltd, Jeremy Hunt, 4 Pratt Walk, Lambeth, London SE11 6AR, +44(0)207 735 6511, info@thormanhunt.co.uk Champagne et Chateaux 11 Calico House Plantation Wharf London SW11 3TJ +44(0)207 326 9655 www.champagneandchateaux.co.uk c.galez@champagneandchateaux.co.uk

USA Importers: has been Pasternak Wine Imports 500 Mamaroneck Ave Harrison NY 10528 1800 946 3110 www.pasternakwine.com