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The Wines

70% Grenache, 30% Syrah (youngest vines late 1970s) from clay-sandy soils with limestone fragments on Les Augues & Les Débats, destemmed since 2002/03 but crop not crushed, 3-4 week steel vat vinification, cultured yeasts, part vat emptying/refilling, then daily pumping overs, turbo cap punching with micro oxygen, concrete vat raised 12-24 months, unfined, filtered, before 2012 called Trésor du Poète, 15-50,000 b

2018 ()

dark, intense robe, good lustre. The bouquet is a solid affair, has a convincing depth on black stone fruits, a firm presence. There’s plenty to come. The palate is robust, persistent, fuelled with plentiful dark fruits, a good charge into a menthol-lined finish. There’s lots going on – this will entertain and provoke. There are well judged (not overripe) Syrah suggestions here, which give its good frame and length. 14°. €13 is VALUE. From 2022, decant it. 2036-38 Feb 2020


dark red colour. The bouquet shows a meatiness, grilling, mixed herbs, a spiced plum attachment. It’s rather rugged as an opening. The palate projects red fruits, berries, with some steely tannins in the mix. It ends on some crunchy matter, isn’t yet an orderly wine. It has the definite impulse of the garrigue delivered in a rather wild, haphazard way. The tannins push hard, and leave the aftertaste a little dry. It can get together, is rated on its potential, and if left, will develop a more coherent, local character. Decanting advised. 14°. From spring 2020. 2029-31 Feb 2018


dark red; has a soft black berry aroma, sweet herbs, rosemary, black olives, holds up well, is discreet. The attack is juicy, gourmand, measured; it’s a good, true garrigue wine with finesse. The length is fresh, it has spine, and ends with grip. The tannins still have edge, and will refine and meld into it. 14°. From 2020. 2031-32 Feb 2018

2013 ()

(vat) garnet-purple hue. Has a spicy nose with a hint of leafy cassis or blackcurrant. The palate is also peppery and spicy. This seems to have a big Syrah content? The finish is firm and structured. Freshness as well. This has a dark fruit presence, and is fresh as well. A wine with some ageing potential. 14.5°. 30,000 b. €11 at the cellars. From mid-2016. 2022-24 JL Dec 2014

2012 ()

(vat) dark red with purple tints. The bouquet is broad, has a good foundation, a safe heart of black berry fruit, a sturdy interior, with some airs of herbs. The palate is fired up on the attack, then provides a steady run of cooked red fruits, a pushy drive, as it ends. A bit raw and nuggety now. It has a lithe, insistent fibre, and needs to ease. From 2016. 14.5°. 30,000 b. €10.50. 2023-25  Dec 2013


(vat) dark, well-filled robe with legs. There is a braised, grilled tone to a reserved, potentially big bouquet, comes with reserves of mulberry, quite dark fruit, has lots of promise. The palate is big, right away; there is a tension in its fruit, a spirit side also, but it finishes on a complete, grounded note. There is a touch of carbonic gas in it. It has a proper full heart, and reaches out, showing cumin, spicing and rosemary late on. Interesting wine with a good aftertaste where out pops some genuine Grenache plum fruit that is nice and fluid. Close to STGT. From spring 2014. 14.5°. 15,000 b this year. €12 at cellars. 2025-27.  May 2013


bottling tomorrow, filtered four days ago: Good, dark Grenache plum colour. Has a shapely, rounded nose that is nice and abundant, offers ripe fruits, sunny lands, is grouped around good, ripe Grenache plum fruit and mulberry, large red berries, with a smatter of local herbs. The palate is more direct, controlled than the nose, presents immediate spice and a growth of tobacco, smoke influences. The Grenache drives it along the palate before it takes on grip and bunches together, tightens. This has interesting potential. There are cool menthol notes on the finish, so it is strong but clear. The end is long and peppered. From 2015. 14.5°. 28,000 b this year only. 2028-30  May 2013


attractive, maturing full red robe. There is a becoming elegance across the nose, has a fine air of cooked plum – the bouquet gives good access to the Grenache, has a fine grain. This is a warm, rounded, welcoming Vacqueyras, out of step with the many powerhouses. The flavour mixes licorice, cumin and tea in its spiced cabinet. The length is good, discreet, makes you stop and think. Beau, unhurried wine. 14.5°. Decant it. 2021-23 Feb 2012 Previously July 2010 ***(*) (vat) full, bright robe. Raspberry, succulent fruit aroma of rich appeal, just a bit dusty. Has a harmonious, true and local palate, good. Has an upright tension, is well sealed, well filled. The length is OK. Grenache leads the show. Tight, pebbly on the finish for now. From spring 2012. 2021-22 July 2010


still full robe, a mature red. The bouquet is thick, offers flowers, a prune jam, earthy and nicely fundamental backing. This is showing well now, at 5 years; the palate is densely textured. A round, spiced wine, it doesn’t show acidity. A carpaccio of scallops (Coquille St Jacques) and black truffles brings out floral moments, and enhances its perfume and orb-like, gentle qualities. Good drinking, from the underestimated 2008 vintage. 13.5°. To 2019  Dec 2013



glinting, fairly dark robe; plum fruit with a breezy top air, pepper and cinnamon present. The palate is at an evolving moment now, its red stone Grenache fruit is compact, but could have more lift in it. It runs steadily to the end. A safe wine, but could inspire more, is a grounded affair. Length OK. €9.50 at cellar. 2016-17 July 2010


sound red, some lightening. The bouquet is attractive, and precisely outlined – flowers, rosemary, mineral dabs, a genuine garrigue influence. The palate has a dark intensity, with fibre in it. As it airs, its fine qualities develop, become more accentuated. The spot of tannin fits in well. “It is silky,” Marie-Thérèse Combe. 14.5°. 2021-22  Dec 2013 Previously Nov 2008 **(*) bright, full red. Wide, airy nose with lurking game – has a cherry core, wisps of herbs. Good strike of red fruit on the palate, and the mid-palate also holds up. This keeps trucking with intent, goes in a straight line. Live red fruits finish. Sound length. It is just about ready. Has a good bit of sinew and muscle, but can be drunk now. Sympa wine, nice and clear. “Its tannins are very supple – they came together very quickly,” M-T C. To 2016. Nov 2008

2005 ()

red, magenta, bright robe. Enclosed, reserved nose but has potential: clean prune and black fruit. There is lurking, just simmering power, some herb, is still primary. The palate black fruit has some intensity, holds together tightly, comes with a late sprinkle of tannin and life. Classic wine for this domaine through its pebbly tannin, a late grain in it. Is on the sinew now, so best to wait until early 2010. Has character. 14.5°. 2017-18 Nov 2008 Previously March 2007 *** dark plum colour. Black fruits, licorice and olive aroma with a little jam tone to it. Pretty, berried fruit on palate, with a woods, pine lacing. The tannins are still peeking out, come in the firm style of the vintage, and lend good support. Jam, black fruit-plum aftertaste, with a final licorice touch. Never flamboyant, but quiet quality here. 2012-14 March 2007