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50%+ Syrah (1958-1973), 50%- Grenache (1920s) on on sandy, grey clay slope soils, hand harvested, destemmed but not crushed, co-fermented 21-28 day vinification (up from 12-15 days since 2014) first at 22°C with last third at 28°C, pumping overs, can do part vat emptying/refilling, steel vat raised 9 months, then concrete vat 12 months, unfined, filtered, 7-30,000 b


dark colour; the bouquet carries an air of grilling, black berry fruits which have a little vintage thickness, are rather doughty. There are undertones of garrigue herbs. The palate is well-juiced, padded with firm, ripe content, the length good. It’s a grounded, STGT Vacqueyras, the late spicing and assertion of the tannins in keeping with its locale and vintage. 14.5°. 50% Gren, 50% Syr. €12 at cellars. Good VALUE here, as always. From mid-2022. 2037-39 Feb 2020  £52/6 b in bond The Wine Society +44(0)1438 741177 https://www.thewinesociety.com/openingoffer/Overview.aspx?offercode=wrh181


(vat) shiny dark red; reduction hovers over a hearty nose that gives layered airs of red stone fruits, herbs, sweet sage, has a sunny and sweet aspect. The palate rolls along securely, is rounded and packed, the shape plump. It holds well, with the introduction of some pebbly tannins that are rather tasty. It lasts well, with guts on the finish. This is authentic, grounded Vacqueyras. From 2021. 2036-38 GB £120 per 12 b i/bond J&B www.justerinis.com justbrooksorders@justerinis.com +44(0)207 484 6400  Nov 2018


very dark robe. There is an oily, southern quality to the bouquet, black fruits, cherries and berries in the driving seat. There’s a roast beef angle. It’s a solid start. The palate sequels well, has good heart, is thorough, well grounded. There is little spicing inside its sturdy matter and its ripe blueberry fruit. The finish is smoothly textured, on its glycerol, the length sustained. This has southern virtues, and will do well with red meats. 14.5°. 13,500 b. 50% Gren, 50% Syr. From spring 2019. 2031-32 Feb 2018

2015 ()

(vat, bottling June 2017) dark, pitchy robe. The bouquet is a garrigue-inspired bowl of black fruits and herbes de Provence, with abundant life in it, and a touch of southern sweetness. It’s full of pep. The palate runs with streamlined, racy black fruit seasoned with black pepper. There is a dash of freshness on the close. This offers zappy drinking in its youth, but has the tannin and bounce to evolve. It achieves drinkability and inner strength, and rocks with energy. From 2019. 2029-31 Feb 2017 GB £98 12 b i/b The Wine Society www.thewinesociety.com +44(0)1438 741177 www.thewinesociety.com/en primeur   Previously Nov 2016 ****(*) (vat) dark, attractive robe. Appealing blackberry, black cherry aroma with a bonny ping of freshness; this is a bouquet of curvy shape and invitation. The palate is supple, well sustained, with round tannins effortless wrapped around it. It has a good middle, and rolls securely. There is a sexy style, via wavy gras and pliant tannins. The pepper on the close gives some bite, nicely so. This has a maximum juice delivery, is really good. From mid-2018. 2028-30  Nov 2016

2014 ()

(vat) full, dark robe. The bouquet is deeper, more weighty than most, fronts up on a broad offer of scented blackberry fruit which is clear and promising, has a note of toffee The palate runs with tasty, expressive blackcurrant, blueberry fruit, followed by live, clear tannins. The aftertaste has a spearmint nature, goes zap, is full of running. This is well made and stylish, the balance good. From 2018. 30,000 b. €11 = VALUE. 2026-29  £95/12 bots in bond The Wine Society +441438 740 222 www.thewinesociety.com Vacqueyras, tasted blind, Dec 2015 Previously Nov 2015 ***(*) (vat) shiny red robe. This has a supple, open nose, offers generous and stylish red fruits, starts things going with good, open arms appeal. The palate kicks off on cherry fruit, is a little on the light side in content, but is eminently drinkable. It has soft tannins, fair structure. Pepper and licorice appear on the sign-off. 2021-22 GB £95 12/b in bond or £11.96. 70% Clair, 30% Rouss. Justerini & Brooks www.justerinis.com Nov 2015

2013 ()

(vat) purple colour. The nose is reductive at first, but on the second swirl resolves to dark, pastille style fruit aromas. The palate is firm, even austere, but has a core of rich fruit. It finishes firm and dry. From 2016. 2022-23  JL Dec 2014

2012 ()

there is slight evolution in the red robe. Toffee, red fruits feature in a neat bouquet. The palate offers an elegant red fruit juice, the length attractive. It drinks well now, with tannins that still have drive, so it isn’t quite all fused yet. The finish stands on the outside. From 2017. 2025-26 GB £110 12/b in bond or £13.46. Justerini & Brooks www.justerinis.com Nov 2015 Previously Nov 2013 **** (vat, bottling June 2014) appealing, full red robe. The aroma is jaunty, delivers good, trit trot red berries – this is vibrant and fresh Grenache that has extra licorice depth and a wee note of tar. The palate comes along with sustained red fruit, liqueur style in it. Has a butty tannin finish with a solid centre there that shows the 2012 character. It finishes well and widely, rolls along well. From spring-mid 2015. “I prefer 2012 to 2011, because you don’t feel the heat in the wines,” Jean-Michel Vache. 13.5°. 20,000 b. €10.80 at cellars. 2024-26  Nov 2013


healthy, quite dark red. Oily, liqueur plum fruit air, a bouquet with dark moments in it – it gives a sweet fullness, an air of prune, light chocolate, reflects its southern climes, and is Grenache-marked. The palate bears smoky dark fruit, has a ripe plum, prune, bosky flavour. There is a tight knot of gritty tannin at the end. A grounded wine with a savoury finish, one that trucks along well, is full of running and charge. STGT style, vigorous. From 2014. 2020-21. €10.50 at the cellars.   May 2013

2010 ()

mild, bright red; there is big life in the nose – it is “up” and “here we go”, bears active licorice airs, is smoky, with pebble stone influences, and a good spot of black cherry. On Day 2, there is strong cassis, and the aroma is very broad, a real powerhouse. The palate is direct, straight along, very fresh, young and grainy. It is not an ensemble yet. The fruit flavour is intense. There is a strong Syrah imprint, which gives it crisp black fruit, with tar in the tannin, and a fresh click this year. Wavy, clean black fruit runs on the palate, is coming forward now. There is some heat as it ends. From late 2013 – it demands time. Day 2 shows intensity on the palate, along with grain and tar. The finish is good and crisp. 13.5°. 2023-25 Jan 2012


(vat still) dark. Copious, generous, black berry jelly air – a fat and open bouquet that offers immediate impact. The palate is still reserved, but is long, and its energy keeps it going well. It grips, holds decisive tannins that are ripe but kick well. Mineral-licorice ending. It is wide on the finish. From 2013. 2023-25 March 2011 Previously July 2010 ***(*) (vat) dark robe; good, bouncy, live black fruit aroma – real energy of well-made youthful elements, even if it is a bit raw for now. Has a spritzy depart, but the fruit is alive and dashing, the wine runs freely, offers active appeal, has decent acidity to keep it moving. Good length. From spring 2012, though will of course calm down, and may hide for a while. 2020-22 July 2010


rather dark robe; chunky, intense cherry aroma, smoky and persistent. Closely bound together cherry fruit leads the palate, which runs along clean lines, nice and sleek, has good length. Good late vigour here, is on the wild side, and a good 2008. From 2011. 2016-18 July 2010

2007 ()

steady, quite full robe; blackberry, violet and a pretty black jam air to this, is an inviting bouquet. There is also a floral note to the palate`s black fruit, a wine with a gentle wrapping, a light touch to it, is fine. It floats more than most of its grounded 2007 colleagues, but the end shows a more concentrated depth and intent. Interesting wine. €9.60 at cellar. 2016-17 July 2010


(vat) quite a dark red; reductive, gummy fruit aroma, maybe raspberry here – there may be some rounded fruit within, but is not evident today. The palate is a big, wide, reach-out affair, this is a real 360°wine and is also long. Is an insistent wild child – you need to wait for this. Red fruit and marzipan mingle in the flavours, a gummy fruit from its reduction. Has a plunge of tannin. From 2011-12. 2023-25. To be bottled June 2008. Jan 2008


dark, thorough red colour; has a promising red berry aroma, with “muscle” inside – moves towards a jam aroma but also has an hauteur about it, some space; there is a pepper infusion in the jam. The palate is led by red stone fruit such as cherry, and has an assured clamp of tannin. The matter here is just a bit detached from its tannins towards the finish, but it will get it together. A slow, steady mover is this – from 2010. Has a dense and sustained heart. 2021-23 Jan 2008 Previously March 2007 ***(*) quite dark; has a primary, red fruit nose; with its vigorous, fresh fruit, it is nicely replete on the palate – is a good, straight and live wine. Shows end grip, and the tannins mean it needs to be left until 2009-10. “I am happy with 2005, but worried about its acidity,” Jean-Michel Vache. 2018-22 March 2007

2002 ()

fruit gum, animal-musk elements on the nose, rotted fruit, too. There is spice and white pepper on the outside of direct red fruit on the palate. It is a straight, not broad wine – no surprise. The finale is tannic  with more pepper appearing there. It holds some local feel, is a little STGT, bravo, given the terrible weather. Ideal for lunches, summer drinking or even white meats. To 2010-11. March 2005 “We picked after the rains, and the Mistral wind helped, given there was no subsequent rain,” F.Vache

2001 ()

a little ruby in the robe; fruit pastille, red jam aroma that lingers well. Good, clear fruit on the palate, the red fruit is scented and is supported by some herbal and licorice flavour on the finish. Good length. 2014-16 Nov 2006 Previously July 2005 *** peppery, earthy, gamey black fruit aroma, with a mineral phase starting, also violets here. There is lots of dash in the palate fruit – has a springy, peppered appeal. Its tannins tighten it up at the end. Is now in transition, so will be rounder and more complete from 2007 on. Good wine. 2012-14 July 2005

2000 ()

plum colour, pretty bright robe. Nicely evolving, round, liquid red stone fruits air, along with light dashes of mineral, cool notes, licorice. Air brings a more fundamental, earthy, fungal angle – real local oomph. This is drinking beautifully, has a dark fruit, garrigue herbs flavour. You can taste the flint cut in this, as it kicks along late on. Served direct from cellar at 15°C on a hot day, a combination that works well. The tannins are crisp, quietly present. 13°. To 2018 or so. July 2013, East Sussex

1999 ()

dark red; beef stock, ripe plum, violet aroma that is good and wide, mixes licorice with its pepper. The palate has interesting vigour and clarity. The fruit is well-set, but the end is tannic and live. There is good life in this – it is great drinking now while it still holds its energy. A good, bracing wine. 13° - from another era. “I suspect its end tannins will be with it for life – its tannins are similar to 1989,” Jean-Michel Vache. 2015-17. Jan 2008


black Indian tea aroma, with an earthy underlay. The palate has a pleasant, rounded start and middle - shows a nice middle age maturity. It is a bit narrow, but gives pleasure. The aftertaste comes in rather a medicine, cough mixture, mineral style. Lamb is ideal for this, duck also. To 2008. July 2005


good, full, abundant nose with olives here and lots of southern appeal. The palate is enjoyably warm through its black fruit, and also violets in the flavour. There is a thread of tannic restraint to direct it. Good wine – its fruit is admirable, and clear. 2010-12 March 2005