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LVT 2016 r  2016 wh  Organic, biodynamic domaine. It was created in 2006. Jean Marot used to be part of Domaine Le Murmurium. There are three small scale production Ventoux reds, and one Ventoucx white. The Ventoux regain is the red for earliest drinking, the rather regal old Grenache amadeus - ****(*) in 2016 and **** in 2015 - the wine for the longest keeping. The 50-50 Grenache, Syrah 2015 imagine red was an interesting **** wine, not mainstream at all, the 2015 Ventoux amadeus (mostly Grenache) a **** wine with jolly tasty fruit, and the 2015 Ventoux regain red a ***(*) wine with local character. I also approve of the quality of the corks.

Jean Marot 1258 route de Carpentras 84380 Mazan

Tel: +33(0)6 79 03 53 86