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LVT 2017 r 2017 wh 2018 rosé Young couple who worked at the well-known Domaine de l’Arlot at Nuits-Saint-Georges in Burgundy from 1998 to 2011. Both Olivier and Florence are agricultural engineers, Olivier an oenologue; they met during their studies. Their holiday house in the Ardèche permitted them to get to know the region, and in 2010 they bought an old vineyard from a Co-operateur who had stopped using weedkillers on his 18.5 hectares of terraced limestone-clay vines that stand between 80 and 180 metres on the hill immediately to the north of the galet stone soils of Mas Libian at St Marcel d’Ardèche. Officially organic since 2014 and biodynamic since 2015. These are two people who know exactly what they are doing.

The range is now all Vin de France [until 2018 it was occasionally IGP Ardèche]. Harvesting is by hand in small boxes at early dates, with refrigerated lorries to transport the harvest, natural yeasts, often 40-80% whole bunches, juice run off the press by gravity, low SO2 use here - 15-35 mg per wine. There are now 21.5 hectares. The name Accoles is Occitan for Terraces. The range is interesting and successful; I really rate the whites. ***(*) wines are present, and with one ****, the 2015 Miocène red [75% Gren, 25% Carignan]. I would highlight their work with the Carignan, serving elegant, tender styling from their 1960s vineyards, the fruits of their experiences in Burgundy. There is a rare 2,200 bottle white made from Carignan gris, called L’Inattendu [the unexpected], the 2015 ****, also a white called Recto Verso, 90% Grenache noir fermented as a white wine, the 2017 a **** wine. All wines also come in magnum versions.

Florence & Olivier Leriche Les Blaches Route des Blaches 07210 Alissas

Tel: +33(0)6 85 19 57 46



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Japan 3) Switzerland 4) Belgium 5) GB

Percentage Exported: 30%

British Importers: Howard Ripley Wines Sebastian Thomas +44(0)208 748 2608 www.howardripley.com info@howardripley.com PM Wine Cellars Philippe Messy 1 Foundry Road Taunton TA1 1JH +44(0)1823 288898

USA Importers: Chambers & Chambers Wine Merchants 2140 Palou Avenue San Francisco CA 94124 +1415 642 5500 www.chamberswines.com Ansonia Wines +1617 249 3657 www.ansoniawines.com Prufrock Wines 515 SE 80th Ave suite B1 Portland OR 97215 Daniel Johnnes Wines www.danieljohnneswines.com