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The Wines

70-80% Grenache (late 1960s), 18-29% Syrah (late 1980s), 1-11% Carignan from clay-limestone soils, pre-fermentation crop cooling at 14°C, destemmed, 3 week vinification in steel vats, max temp 28°C, twice daily pumping overs, 1 part vat emptying/refilling every 2 days, concrete vat raised 6-7 months, unfined, filtered, called Florilège since 2009, organic wine, “drink with grilled fish, grilled meat, Mediterranean vegetables, firm cheeses”, 7,000-28,000 b


dark red with a bright tone; the bouquet gives a good, decisive air of black berry fruits with a note of sweet crème de menthe, varnish, a floral touch. The palate runs with free plum, red stone fruits, the attack doing most of the work, the finish toning down into a little stretch of tannin and tightness. It’s a modern, svelte Côtes for here and now drinking, is just a little arm’s length. 13°. 2023-24 July 2020


dark red colour. There is a confident depth about the nose, offers cool black fruits, cassis and licorice, is nice and clear. The palate gives a handsome run of black fruit with a tasty summit as it ends, lots of juicy appeal there. The aftertaste encourages another glass thanks to its salted dabs. This is w.o.w., unfettered Côtes, go for it! 14.5°. 28,000 b. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. €6.50 at the cellars. To 2020 June 2016 

2013 ()

mild red robe. The nose is light: a combination of plum fruit, spice, all pretty straightforward. The palate releases light red berry fruit which picks up a small orb of squeezy gras before a pebbly, more dusty finale. There is a little thread of herbs through it, a touch of licorice. It is drinking now, and lacks the usual secure depth – a reflection of a later, cooler route towards ripeness in the vineyards. It is a bit limited, narrow, square. There is a CO2 presence for added freshness. Can be drunk solo. It straddles real drinkability (is 14.5° on the label, thus near 15°) and la table (lack of depth) uncomfortably. 14.5°. 80% Gren, 18% Syr, 2% Cari, 7,000 b this year. €3.30 export. To 2017  Jan 2015

2012 ()

nice shiny dark red. Supple fruit aroma, with a bit of dusted spice present – the nose is round, gives an image of soaked fruits, red fruits such as mulberry, and there are wee airs of thyme. There is a typical spiced lining through the palate’s bright red fruit, which is close to soaked cherries in style. It is crisp towards the finish, reflecting its origin from 350 to 380 metres. The cool, dentelle texture allows for solo drinking. There is some “steely” grip at the end, and it doesn’t quite extend its full way yet. Authentic, solid quality. From October 2013 for more run of fruit. 14°. “It can be drunk as an aperitif, and also has a certain acidity to suit saucisson or Salade Niçoise,” Marianne Fues. 70% Gren, 20% Syr, 1% Cari, 20,000 b this year. Fair Value at €3.50 export. To 2017  June 2013


steady red colour. Has a raspberry aroma that is supple and squeezy, is nicely filled and shows local garrigue, genuine garrigue and Grenache influences. The style is ripe, like a liqueur, and it is pretty natural. The palate attack of “high” fruit is therefore not surprising – it, too, is centred on raspberry that is scented and sweetens towards the finish, where peppery, pumice stone notes appear. Air knocks out the high fruit note. Very Grenache-centric, a wine in the here and now, with some gush at the end. The late heat, even a touch of burn combine the vintage and the place. 14.5°. To 2016. Oct 2012

2010 ()

quite a dark tinted robe; smooth, nicely sleek plum fruit aroma with good heart in the nose, and a light cassis liqueur influence. Very clean, clear fruit starts the palate, which comes with pockets of licorice, carries firmly to the end. It gains concentration towards the finish, in a true manner. Has likeable texture, and subtle depth. 14.5°. Very fair price export €3. 60% Gren, 19% Syr, 11% Carignan this year. 2016-17 Feb 2012

2007 ()

dark robe; simmered, sweet note to the black fruits aroma, offset by a note of polished leather. There is mild, sweet fruit on the palate, which revives on the finish, and shows a rounded sign-off. This is a wine of good, local feel – I like its sprinkle of tannin at the end, and the length is very good. There is a warm black jam note on the finish, and a catchy persistence. 14.5°. 2011-12. March 2009 Previously June 2008 *** dark robe; reductive, black fruits aroma with a citrous - grapefruit and tangerine - and also violet aspect. The palate fruit rocks along well – this has a beefy interior of some scale and power – a typical power from this slope at the higher part of Visan. The fruit is abundant and live, and has a thread of tannin showing late on. A wine of some momentum, just a wee bit hot. 14.5°. To 2010-11. June 2008


pale red; restricted red cherry fruit aroma. Supple, rather gourmand fruit on the palate, comes across broadly and has a hint of jam in its feel. Easy and clear wine, with some stuffing. There is some degree of alcohol noticeable, and some end heat. This could be served cool. “It is a buffet wine for me,” Marianne Fues. March 2007