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LVT 2017 r Jean-Yves Perez came to the family domaine in 2003. His father is still a Co-operateur at Les Coteaux de Visan, so Jean-Yves chose to rent 5 hectares of older vines from him. His first vintage was 2005, using the cellars of Olivier Cuilleras, and with his own cellar he started in 2006. The results are promising. Bottling depends on demand – the more demand, the more is bottled. In 2013, 25-30,000 bottles were produced: 20% of the production. Note a new cellar from 2012. The Visan Les Antonins 2012 red was STGT wine

Jean-Yves Perez 850 chemin des Gleyzes route de Saint Maurice par la Montagne 84820 Visan

Tel: +33(0)490 41 92 82



Countries exported to:1) Switzerland 2) Germany 3) Czech Republic