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The Wines

Viognier 1988/2001 from Vérin, from 2007 88-100% steel vat, 0-20% 300-litre & 600-litre oak cask fermented at 15°C, raised 6-8 months away from its lees in 22 hl large barrel & steel vat, malo usually blocked, first wine 2006, sold as Xavier Gérard wine, 5-6,000 b

2019 ()

(600-litre cask, the oaked part of it, malo not yet completed) yellow colour; pear, apricot feature in a bouquet that is nicely funnelled. There’s a good run of spiced fruits along the palate. That carries cosy gras, nice detail. 4 years Dec 2019

2018 ()

pale yellow robe; the nose is floral, engaging, gives a nice swoop of apricot, with pear, white strawberries. The palate works on its supple texture, develops well in depth, carries a pear skin, cooked pear flavour, a touch of late tang, bitter on board. It’s joli, well made. 14°. €12.20 To 2022 Dec 2019

2017 ()

pale yellow; the bouquet is soft, floral, has peach-apricot airs. The palate bears cosy, supple gras, the flavour on pear fruit with ripe touches in it, a pear skin flavour. This is ideal wine for starter dishes, is always good. 14°. Bottled June 2018. To 2021 Dec 2018

2015 ()

(cask) yellow robe; has a pear-lime aroma that spreads widely, has real good depth for a vin de pays. The palate is tight, expresses well, comes with foundation, and ends nice and fully. This is a table wine more than an aperitif. Has real good length, a bright exit. 14.5° - real ripeness this year. 2021-22 Oct 2015 


mild yellow robe. There is a mix of spice and flowers on the nose, an interesting aroma of cooked pear, brioche baked bread – the bouquet has character. The palate starts in supple fashion, offers peach-apricot with some nutty late grip and bite. This is good for la table, more than solo drinking. It is attractive, the length is good. 13.5°. Bottled 20 Aug 2015. 5,800 b. 2018-19 Oct 2015

2011 ()

a real gain in stature here, and this is now excellent vin de pays. Medium yellow robe. The bouquet has cooked white fruits airs, nut, honey still there. The palate has taken on extra depth, offers pear fruit, a waxen note, and keeps going very well to the finish. Can do the aperitif, but right there with chicken, for instance. 13.5°. Good value from A & B Vintners, Kent, GB. 2015-16  Dec 2013  Previously Oct 2012 **(*) mild yellow; oily, waxen, nut-honey air with spice and mineral dust behind, soft pear aromas. The palate bears likeable pear-apricot fruit, is textured and shows nice early fat, followed by a later show of acidity and freshness. Tender, light touch length. Agreeable wine. “It can be drunk as an aperitif thanks to its flowers and fruit, and is served for Receptions by the Mayor of Condrieu! It is also good with fish and chicken, and charcuterie. It doesn’t have enough acidity for shell fish,” Xavier Gérard. 13.5°. To 2014. €9.50 at the cellars. 100% steel this year.  Oct 2012


mild yellow; very striking, impressive nose – honey, wax, cooked pear, cloves, banana, and a few nuggets of dusty sand in the air as well. The palate has a sturdy start, is very well-filled, very good for a vin de pays. It is rounded and smoothly textured, an unpretentious wine. There is a late toast effect, a solid density on the aftertaste – extra kick and depth there. Best with food, not solo. “It is similar to 2007, in the manner of its gras richness on the fruit, with mineral behind that,” Xavier Gérard. 14°. 100% steel this year. 2016-17  Oct 2012


malo half completed, raising of 13 months, 4,000 b this year: light robe, oily aspect. Peach and pear fruit on the nose, a nice spot of richness, also peanut. Enclosed palate with good grip – this has structure, is a good vin de pays. Very correct, comes with a nice pocket of late gras, fat. To 2012. Dec 2009


yellow robe; fig, dried white raisins air that is full, shows white jam intensity, too. There is the damp wool of age on the palate, which has a good, supple texture, is round on the finish. Good length, has been open 4 days, too. 15°. Good wine still. Oct 2012  Previously Jan 2008 *(*) (vat part) *(*) direct aroma – with some gas in it – pear comes along with varnish and a hint of banana. The start of the palate shows some roundness and good sequence overall. The style is brisk early on, then it lengthens well. Quiet richness in this. (new oak) *(*) sealed nose, mixes apricot and oak, banana, vanilla – is tight. Pretty point of richness at the start of the palate, has an oaked finish. A nice wine to drink. To 2010-11. Jan 2008


creamy, quite typical pear aroma – baked fruit tart in style. The palate commences with a gourmand style , rather low acidity, with a touch of late grip. Stops a little at the end, the flavour tapers. Jan 2008 Previously Dec 2006 * mild, pear and baked tart aroma with some bone in it. The palate is a live affair, with nice fruit at half way, some richness, and a fresh, also quite chewy end. Fair length. To mid-2008. 100% vat preparation this year for 3 months. Dec 2006