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southern sector Syrah from Mauves, Tournon, St Jeran-de-Muzols, Vion, destemmed, cold maceration then 20 day vinification, cap punching, pumping overs, aged 30-70% 1-2-3 year 228-litre oak casks, 30-70% steel vat 14-18 months (all oak aged until late 2000s), fined, filtered, first wine 1988, 20-33,000 b

2018 ()

(cask) dark, gleaming robe. The nose gives well struck, clear black fruit such as cassis, carries oak smoke, has a welling up inside of ripeness. It’s a sleek opening. The palate runs with oak and rolling, flowing content in tandem, the fruit resembling black cherry, and a note of iron bringing some cut. It gathers a crowd of juicy gras across the finish, with depth from the sun rays of 2018 there. It retains its polish all through. It’s not a wine to think about until 2023-24, with the need to absorb oak paramount. It will be handsome after that. 13.5°. 20,200 b. €30. 2038-40 Nov 2019  GB £125/6 b in bond The Wine Society +44(0)1438 741177 https://www.thewinesociety.com/openingoffer/Overview.aspx?offercode=wrh181

2017 ()

(casks) very full robe, black centre. The nose has deft touches, iodine, ripe black cherry, blackberry, a note of red meat, blood. The palate moves well with a snake hip run of dark berry fruits, oaking entwined, is interesting, has hidden corners, good shape. There’s access to its terroir on the late moments, a smoked, rocky presence there. The finish is still on oak, but will get inside it. It will carry good definition in time. 13.5°. From 2022. 2037-39 Dec 2018


(casks) very dark red robe. The bouquet has an oily depth, gives red meat and sweetly ripe blackberry fruit. It’s going to be a wide sphere in time. The palate gives good granite wine that has a floral shimmer above its sensuous, well rounded black fruits. There is a line of carbonic gas through it that means there is a light tone of perlant. The finish gives subtle restraint within its black fruits, the tannins rounded. Be in no hurry here to allow the wine to move from the vintage to the terroir. 13.5°. 33,000 b. €25 at the cellars. 70% vat raised. From 2019. 2035-37 Oct 2016


(casks/vat) shiny dark red robe. The nose is modern, quite flashy, produces oak and simmered black cherries in that order. The palate bears tasty black fruit with a little grain from tannins and oak. The second half is rather tame. It is easy to appreciate; allow until mid 2017 for greater oak fusion and more character. It is efficient, straightforward St Jo, on the arm’s length side with its sheen and oak. 70% vat, 30% oak raised. €23 at the cellars. 2022-23  Oct 2015

2013 ()

(casks) dark colour; has a good bouquet that involves black berry fruit, thyme, a good pulp of fruit, and some floral perfume it can open further. The palate is graceful, comes with scented notes and engaging, supple, stylish fruit. The core juiciness lasts well to a lingering, rounded and aromatic finish, snug tannins there. This has great charm and lovely length – it is a real winner in that department. 30% steel vat, 70% cask raising. €23 at the cellars, VALUE. From 2016. 2028-30  Jan 2015 


(casks) shiny dark red; ash air above a rather pliant red fruit aroma, simmered fruits – this bouquet has an appealing future. The palate gives red fruits in the more supple fashion of the southern St Jo vineyards, and is laced with a mineral thread that orchestrates it well. It is finely fruited, the tannins likewise en finesse. It closes with quiet resolve. From late 2015. 2027-29  Nov 2013


(casks, bottling March 2013) dark, purple-black robe. Good, wavy cassis aroma, plus droplets of licorice, beef stock notably. There is a touch of earthiness, and vanilla and oak are present. It will deliver a good show around 2015. The palate is soft, starts on cassis fruit that runs sleekly. Not a full power wine. There are floral notes on the second half, followed by a grainy aftertaste. Fruit peeks out well on the finish. Authentic. In an innocent state now. 13.2°. 2028-30  Nov 2012


full-up, good, dark robe. Attractive, enjoyable nose – it spreads widely, and is seasoned with inviting spices, also scented flowers. There is a wee reduction in it, an earthiness, so decant. The fruit is mainly blackberry. This is lovely tasting wine: it has the rich certainty of the vintage, with a fine tannin, fine acidity that add class. It is striking just how sustained its richness is. Beaut, as the Aussies say. It is long, with a delicate dustiness on the finish. From mid-2014 or 2015. 13°. 2032-34  Nov 2012  Previously June 2011 ****(*) (casks) dark centre to the shiny robe; the nose is cautious, but there is plenty in it, with airs of red berries, meat stock and beef blood also. The palate has a substantial debut, founded depth, is up a gear in structure and complexity over the Challeys St Jo 2010. Fine and full, long. Has subtle and very classy qualities, is Burgundian. There is a pebbly, grain late note, all good. From 2014. “It has an attractive minerality, there is a pretty depth to this,” Jacques Grange. 2031-33 June 2011

2009 ()

dark, joli red robe. Smouldering black fruit on the nose, along with a bacon air, and raspberry – complexity in the bouquet. Tight palate, delivers straight fruit with sprinkled dusty tannins all waiting to assemble. It extends thanks to fine red fruit, and there are tasty moments on the finish. It ends commendably freshly. 13.5°. From 2013. 2029-31 June 2011 Previously Nov 2010 ***** (casks) steady, dark robe. The nose is fine, bears wafts of mineral, is reserved, but there are pretty soaring flowers airs, petunias. Good grace and a good foundation here – it is a thorough and stylish wine. The black fruit flows really well, ending on crisp, live tannins that provide energy. Well-structured – this has a good life ahead from 2013. Fine, poised, classy, STGT, a complete package. The fruit is very fine all the way to the finish. 2025-28 Nov 2010


(vat, 1-2 months before bottling) quite a bright red; restrained, smoky, rock smoke nose, with cherry fruit behind. The palate holds steely, but clear black fruit with a true granite provenance. The red fruit sits comfortably enough, has a nice ease about it. The wine ends clearly, has the potential to be interesting – there is good black fruit within. 2020-22 Nov 2009


full, dark robe, plenty of depth; agreeable, even forward nose – offers plenty of bounty, black fruits berries with a sustained nature, a bit of bacon fat. Has a blackberry, cassis start to the palate, and a good, juicy width on the attack. There is a line of reserve through it, a tannic thread. It expands surely towards the finish and ends on oak grilling. Is making its way well, a superior Saint-Joseph. 13.5°. From spring 2011. 2025-27 Nov 2009 Previously Dec 2008 ***(*) dark robe; wide, blackberry aroma – mulled berries with some tang and clarity; there are also violet, incense and sweet spice. The palate has a scented black fruits debut – it has lots of fleshy content, and runs broadly to the end, where ripe tannins lie in wait. There is a little good mineral grain in it. Promising wine, since its fruit is generous, in line with the vintage. From mid-2010, and may well close. 2024-26 Dec 2008

2006 ()

dark red with some black traces – the tone is matte rather than bright. The bouquet is tight-knit, bearing black berry fruit, with some meatiness and also a slight vegetal note: it is made by the melted jam, blackberry coulis heart. Holds good, compact, nicely knit content on the palate; runs on well, has an established richness, and is nice and wide late on. This is a solid performer. Its tannins demand cellaring until around spring 2009. 2026-28 Jan 2008


bountiful dark red robe, magenta and black together. The bouquet exudes black berry fruit with an intrinsic oily, good aroma that is maybe a little meaty as well. The palate has a good strike of black berry fruit with a lacing of tannin that is ripe; the length is good, and there is richness all through it. A good amount of drinkable bounty here – it is a wine of plenty of depth and well-knit elements. This is clearly a very good vintage. Has a long, clear finish. This has made strides since last tasted. 12.5°. 2025-28 Jan 2008 Previously Nov 2006 **(*) quite a dark robe; understated black fruit with a stylish flow on the bouquet – still young and upright. Safe wine on the palate – clean, black fruits, handled with a light touch. Flows OK, decent richness. Doesn’t ignite the imagination. 2017-19 Nov 2006

2004 ()

pretty full robe, some red at the top. Black cherry aroma, also black berries, is nicely sustained. Interesting structure on palate, has a black fruit flavour, good grain and a licorice-minted finish. Can roll on well from mid-2007. Fresh, clear finale, has character - its tannins are still quite prominent and is a bit upright now. 2018-20 Dec 2006 Previously April 2006 pre-bottle *** pretty red colour. Red fruit gum aroma, clear and well-modelled with some earthiness, a little floral content, all in its youth. Steady fruit, runs on, is rather reduced. Length OK, slight tar on end. Carries the vintage upright shape, but its foundation is elegant. Esp 2008 on. 2018-20

2003 ()

(cask) mulberry/violet mix on bouquet, agreeably rounded. Good fruit quality here, like fruit pastilles, a pretty sweet presence throughout. Correct end tannins bring some control, definition. 2007 on. 2021-23

2002 No Rating


2001 No Rating



mixed aromas - smoke/mineral/bacon, lead pencil; medium weight tannins in control, make it dry at start. Hedge fruit, chewy end. From 2005-06 to absorb tannins. 2019-21


sound colour. Ripe grape, brewed fruit, peppery bouquet. Dense palate, savoury black fruit; finish has gained richness, good weight there. Some tannin/licorice, sound length. 2024-26


closed bouquet, but potential - leather/spice style. Good blackberry flavour attack. Nice length, liquorice/tar on finish. Sound structure, quite rich. 2023-25


quite upright bouquet; easy texture, fair density. Sound length, liquorice finale. 2015-17