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The Wines

3rd leaf Syrah from Côte-Rôtie, and Syrah (late 1980s) from the plain near the Rhône, from Tupin, from 0.87 ha ex-C Facchin at Vérin (1999-2000), total vineyard source about 1.5 hectare, 2017 contained 5% Viognier, destemmed, 20-22 day vinification, pumping overs, some cap punching (submerged cap until 2009), aged 5% new, 95% 5-6 year 228-litre & 500-litre oak casks 12-18 months, fined, filtered, “chasseurs (hunters) like it for their morning snack”, two bottlings, up from 4-7,000 b to 10,000 b


Bottle 1: light cork. Bottle 2: red robe. Light reduction, close-knit aroma, fruit gums, a hint of violet, deft floral touches. The palate gives a sinewed run of red fruit, spice prominent, a little concentration in the juice. This has a traditional nature, the tannins prominent. “It’s a bit richer than 2016; 2018 has more degree, structure,” Patrick Jasmin. Unusually, it includes 5% Viognier because of the failure of that harvest meant no Viognier IGP this year. 12.5°. €11 at cellars. 2026-27 Dec 2019

2016 ()

bottled four weeks ago: red robe. The nose is peppery, has a springy red cherry aroma, a murmur of violets, rose-hip and licorice. The palate offers licorice, spice, black fruits with charm, clarity, are very pure. I like the fruit; this does very well, is very drinkable and juicy, the finale fine. It is very refreshing, well juiced, w.o.w. wine, with powdery tannins well present. It will also be good served lightly chilled. 12.5°. This had a one-off new 500-litre oak cask used. To 2020 July 2017 GB £16.50 Yapp Brothers +44(0)1747 860 423 www.yapp.co.uk sales@yapp.co.uk


(used 600-litre cask) clear red robe. Red berry, raspberry fruit aroma here, with a pure quality about it, a real clean strike, hints of oak. The palate offers lively, forward fruit, right off the bat. Its red cherry flavour is direct, cleansing. It will gain weight, is a Nordic style of wine that will expand. Fine oak and tannin combine on the finish. It is expressive, w.o.w. wine. “It is starting to evolve with the better spring weather,” Patrick Jasmin. 2020-21  Apr 2015

2013 ()

rather dark red robe. Has a close-knit, smoked nose, with a good depth of black berry and raspberry fruit for an IGP wine, wisps of flowers as well. The palate carries an attractive density, rolls well with lots of butty flavour. It ends on slightly demanding tannin, is compact there. I like this – it has a rugged honesty, and can keep a little, too. It will be good with beef. “Normally it is a bit more on the fruit, and more tender, but I used some new Hungarian oak, and that affected it, gave more obvious oak,” Patrick Jasmin. €10 at the domaine retail, very fair. Bottled Dec 2014. Only 3,500 b this year. 12°. 2020-21 Apr 2015


(sugars ended, malo not done) good red colour; nutty, red fruited air, sound depth. Supple palate – this has content, notably on the second half, a good sign. It lengthens well, has plenty about it. The finish is quite firm, closed. 6-7 years. “I wanted the crop to ripen further, but rain was forecast, and in the event, 70 mm (2.8 in) fell. It came in at 10.9°,” P Jasmin. Oct 2012


red robe, medium depth; has a peppery, floral air, good frank and clear features, a free floating red cherry fruit. This is good and drinkable, expressive, and lengthens well. It has cut, is good for solo drinking. Saucisson and drink at the bar wine. A bit of tannin at the end, and floral-pencil notes in it. A good, upbeat wine. “The 3rd leaf Syrah has helped to round it out,” Patrick Jasmin. 12°. Bottled March 2012. €8 at the cellars. 2018-19.  Oct 2012


red robe; aromatic red fruits nose, a mix of strawberry and flowers, a touch of licorice – this has quiet authenticity for a vin de pays. The palate also carries appealing fruit, red plums, the finish is pebbly. Is a bit reductive, needs to be decanted. A little floral content in this bonny wine, with local character. 2013-14. Bottled May 2008 – “I would have liked to raise it for longer, but the demand was there,” Patrick Jasmin.

2001 ()

quite tight, dark fruit on the nose; decent fruit runs along the palate, which is clear-cut, and there is some end tannin. Good wine, especially in its grade


jammy red fruit aroma; very drinkable - fruit has depth, and there's a bit of tannin, too.