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The Wines

50-60% Grenache (oldest 1930s, 1960s), 25-35% Syrah, 0-10% Carignan, 5-10% Viognier from marl, clay-limestone soils on Grangeneuve site at 450-500 metres at Suzette, destemmed, 3 week large oak tronconique barrel vinification, pumping overs, cap punching, aged mainly large oak barrels, partly steel vat 12 months, filtered, “drink with red meats, game, cheese”, 16-22,000 b


healthy dark red colour. The bouquet is promising, offers rosemary, oregano airs mixed into its coulis style raspberry fruit. It has the easy curve of a sunny vintage, a note of grilling. The palate sets off on a wave of red fruits with some mineral clarity – that clarity develops as it goes, and it ends on a chalky fusion of tannin and red fruiting, is STGT Beaumes, right off the high limestone soils it comes. It’s a well channelled wine, very typical. From spring 2019 to allow a more infused whole, but its character is bang on the button. 14.5°. Gren, Syr, Cari, Vio. 2030-32 Mar 2018

2015 ()

sturdy, dark red robe. The nose projects an aroma of soaked red cherries, raspberry fruit, is oily, rather dense. The palate bears suave richness is smoothly textured all through, carries into a rounded, clear finale. The red cherry fruit has a neat quality, and is mildly spiced. The moments of gourmandise make it enjoyable. There’s a note of reduction, so decanting is helpful here. Lamb with rosemary, duck breast two good companions. 14.5°. 20,000 b. 2027-28 Mar 2018


dark red, sober hue. The nose is spiced, on clove, geranium airs, speaks of a less ripe vintage. There is a vegetal note in the strawberry jam fruit. The palate is soft and squeezy on the attack, with a strawberry jam, perfumed presence, followed by a little delivery of the chalky tannins of Beaumes. As such, it isn’t fully fused, can gain a little more over the next 12 months. From spring 2019. 2024-25 Mar 2018 Previously Feb 2016 *** shiny dark red. The bouquet gives a soft, inviting air of sweet black berry fruit, and a notion of dried herbs, while the palate is also supple, washing along with smoky dark fruit and a nudge of late tannin and a peppery flash. This is on the go, in the moment wine, drinks well now. 14°. 50% Gren, 30% Syr, 10% Cari, 10% Vio. 22,000 b. €6. To 2018. Feb 2016  

2013 ()

plum red robe, quite full. The nose is moving into interesting territory, bears spicing, cloves, cooked plum fruits. The palate is spiced, coupled with a rose-hip perfume. It has the rather tight rockiness of the vintage, a binding that will be unwound by decanting well before. The finish channels into rocky textured, chalky moments. The juice here is thick, but not liberal, ekes its way out of the content. 14°. 2026-28 Mar 2018

2010 ()

red robe, with light mauve and purple sidings. The first air shows caramel, a slightly sweet, yeasty air with notes of reduction, animal. The fruit is raspberry. The palate is scented, holds black berry fruit with a rose-hip, licorice follow through, leading to clear late stages, a stimulating finish. This has a hand made feel, is typical, can be drunk young and fun. Its tannins are live. Some might find a bit of Brett, but that does not worry me unduly. Decant it. 14°. To 2018. April 2012

2009 ()

nice full red colour; plum fruit nose, pebbly and baked stones airs, light floral touches. Gentle start to the palate, develops peppery late moments, continues well, the length is good. Ends on an up note, all well. Good. 14.5°. To 2017. March 2011

2007 ()

quite a full red robe; the fruit on the bouquet is ripe, but there is a bit of a fungal, sweaty air to it – so decant to free it up. Graceful red fruit leads the palate – this drinks well now, is very accessible and pleasurable, with a good sprinkle of tannins on the finish. Its blackberry fruit is refined. Drink now to 2011-12, especially for that early fruit. July 2009

2006 ()

bright robe, slight evolution in its dark red. The nose is suppressed – has a little nutty top air, cool black fruit within. The palate fruit is similarly cool – this is a wine of some finesse, and its inner power is kept under control until the glow of the aftertaste. The fruit carries oak traces, but its high altitude purity is appealing, reflects its place. There is a type of limestone tang in this, chalky outcrops in the taste and texture. Has good, intense blackberry fruit at its heart. The length is good enough. True to its terroir, STGT wine, even with a little oak. Aftertaste a shade dry. 14.5°. 2014-15 March 2010


dark-tinted robe; black berry fruit in a locked up bouquet, reduction hovering, blackcurrant leaf. The palate gives leathery black fruit which has jam touches; it lengthens OK. This is a little pushed, has a meaty, berried finale. The aftertaste is live. An altitude style wine. The fruit runs on cleanly. 2013-15 April 2006

2004 ()

assertive aroma, some high tone in it, black berry fruit present. There is nice pure cut to the palate black fruits, that come with notes of violet. Shows some end warmth, lasts stylishly, is a nicely unforced wine, well-structured, with ripe tannins. On the button, its length is OK, agreeably decisive. 14°. To 2011. May 2006