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The Wines

from 2008 all aged 228-litre oak casks 36 months, before was aged large barrel 36+ months, unfined, unfiltered, 2-3,000 b

2016 ()

(casks) thorough robe, black with a slight purple rim. The nose gives a clear stream of black fruit, blueberries, with a note of sweet oak. The palate is tight, holds streamlined cassis fruit with toffee-oak influenced tannins. It’s a clean, modern Hermitage, just a bit out of reach rather than close up and personal. There is mild juice on the finish. It suggests the middle to eastern zones in its easy approach, and its slight lack of stature. There is a touch of oak out on its own on the aftertaste. 13.5°. From mid-2019. 2029-31 Nov 2017


sober dark red colour; has a mulled berries aroma, definite liaison with the south, an accentuated ripeness in the fruit, from the vineyard, with a note of rose hip. The bouquet is varied, and will deliver well in a large glass. There is a note of reduction. The palate is savoury, round, bears red fruit with a good, rolling quality. It is just in transition now, between youthful vigour and its second stage. This will emerge with increased clarity and a rich seam from 2017. It has a chunky constitution, and definite, rich potential for the future. 13.5°. 2027-29  Apr 2015


(228-litre cask from June 2008, before which was in large barrel – due for bottling in two weeks) full red colour, with a light area at the top. Has a thorough black fruits, black olive aroma – shows definite depth, and also carries ripe raisin and menthol for some tang. The palate is also southern in nature – a lead-on from the black olives. There is a growing oak presence, and the wine lacks a mid to late palate bearing. Ends on a toffee flavour, no doubt from the oak. Drink now – even though it is bizarrely still in cask. 12.5°. 2,260 b of this year. To 2016. Previously (barrel) ** oily, bosky aromas, ripe fruit, overall attractive. Cooked, quite supple red fruits, suave wine. Length OK. Bit commercial; lacks freshness. 2006-07 on. To 2016-18


(all its life in large barrel until June 2008, then 228-litre oak casks – still in cask!) quite a full robe of red with some dark traces. The bouquet is compact, a touch dusty and holds black fruit in the aroma. The palate is agreeable, a wine without pretension, but one that never takes off the runway. It is neither wide nor substantial. It drinks OK now (even though it`s not bottled). There is some late olive and blackberry. This needs more weight and more lift and freshness. I think back to the full Hermitages from here of the 1970s and pine for them. To 2014. Dec 2008


(barrel) tarry, black fruit/violet nose; stewed fruit, animal side, quite compact, reserved. Oily, bosky side to it. From 2008. To 2015-17

1999 ()

quite a full red; nicely meaty bouquet – typical Hermitage, with its oiliness, is interesting. Richly done palate, with both fine balance and elegance. Juicy, meaty flavours, almost like beef stock. Good essence in the wine, length is pretty sound. Seems to come from the central areas of the hill – doesn’t have that tingle of the granite. Nice, quite fresh finish, persists quietly. Solid quality. 2021-24 June 2007 Previously (barrel) ***(*) full, rich, oily "dark" aromas; warm attack - wholesome berry fruit, has gras; mixed flavours, vanilla. Correct, clean end, authentic wine. 2007 on. 2019-22


(barrel) prune, spiced leather aromas; chunky, dark cooked-up fruit, skins too; mineral, bosky notes this year. Good autumn drinking wine, peppery end. From 2007. 2015-17