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The Wines

70-85% Grenache, 10-30% Syrah (1983), 0-5% Cinsault from clay-limestone, gravel soils on Saint Martin, 20 day vinification at 30-32°C, 4 daily open air pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling every 2 days, concrete vat raised 10 months, unfined, filtered, “drink with rib of beef, leg of lamb with herbs, roasted game, meat in sauce”, organic, biodynamic wine, 12-18,000 b


sober red robe, a little light at the top. The bouquet is inviting via a floral, musky air and sweet red berry fruit, jam or conserve-like in style. It presents the Grenache in a good light. The palate is also well juiced, gently fragrant, runs calmly along, with a pleasing suave texture. This is a bonny do, no forcing in it, a most likeable Massif with the elegance of this terrain. It finishes with some spicing, a little burst of that; just when you think it’s stopping, it keeps ticking over discreetly, so merits study rather than knocking back. This is understated, pleasing Villages. 14.5°. It’s very good now, so drink until 2023 or so. Aug 2019


clear red robe. There is good life in the black cherry aroma with a sweet centre to it, touches of licorice and dried herbs. It’s open and inviting. This wells up enjoyably on the palate via a wave of black fruit, ample juicing leading to a fine, salted, lightly spiced close. The length is fresh, secure. The fruitiness is pleasing, and this will entertain with steak, beef, red meats. It is well made, and has local imprint. It is w.o.w. wine, super easy to drink. 15°. 18,000 b. 75% Gren, 25% Syr. €5.80 export = VALUE. To 2021 Jan 2017


medium red robe, quite bright. Has a red cherry first aroma, comes with a fine trail of sweetness. The palate offers red fruits, is fine and easy to drink, has a mild, largely rounded finish. A neat package - it is suited to pies, country foods. 14.5°. To 2017  Jun 2015 

2012 ()

(vat) plum red colour; sweet, rather rich strawberry air, stewed red berries, soaked fruits such as cherries also here. A cards on the table bouquet. The palate has a suave, red-fruited Grenache centre, is pretty and not overdone. Good and genuine, suited to lamb, veal cooked in herbs. I like its sense of place. The red fruits are plush. 15°. From mid-2014. 70% Gren, 30% Syr. 15,000 b. €5.43 ex cellars. 2018-19  Oct 2013

2011 ()

shiny, dark red. Grilled first air that is very agreeable, shows plum Grenache red fruit next, a raspberry seasoned with thyme, oregano, herbs and flowers – a very good start. The palate is juicy, has a laurel-infused, appealing red Grenache fruit content, its scenting present throughout. It has a sweet roundness, but enough tannin and cut to stand up well, to be expressive. The fruit lasts serenely, it is long, has fine acidity, drinks well now, and is decent value inc all taxes at €9.50 at the cellars. 70% Gren, 30% Syr this year, bottled July 2012. 15°, comfortable with that, since it is balanced. To 2016  Dec 2012

2010 ()

dark plum colour. Has an air of coated black cherries in a sweet-noted nose with deeper raspberry liqueur behind. The palate sets off on Grenache red fruit, plum, has candy flavouring in it. The tannins fit in decently. Respectable, quite aromatic, but lacks the nuances of the best this year – their depth and provocation to the senses. Has a peppery, mild aftertaste. A wine in a sweetie pie style. To 2018. €5.49 export. 70% Gren, 30% Syr this year. Oct 2012


(vat) 85% Grenache, 10% Syrah, 5% Cinsault this year: pretty, full red; biscuity, “raw” aroma, a touch of greenness about it, but beyond that it shows 2009 ripeness. The palate fruit is interesting and live, it runs freely but is clouded by its raising for now. The main question is when to drink it. Say from 2012. To 2015. Sept 2010


(vat) dark red; reductive, red fruits aroma, three-quarter depth bouquet. There is a tight shape to its tannins that enclose its black fruits. The aftertaste is pebbly, has a licorice taste. A mix of fruit and sinew, life here. Can proceed soundly until maybe 2013. Jan 2008


(vat) red-black robe; red fruit crème or liqueur aroma, a show of obvious, ripe fruit. The palate leads with raspberry and black fruits that have been simmered and come in a creamy, coulis style; it is juicy and even in its distribution of fruit before a little late tannic siding shuts it down. The interior has gras. To 2011-12. Jan 2008