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The Wines

43-60% Roussanne (1980), 20-29% Clairette, 20-28% Grenache blanc, (1930s-1990s) from clay-limestone, sandy soils on Palestor (N), La Bertaude (N-W), hand harvested, fermented 33% new, 33% 1-year, 33% 2-3 year 645-litre oak casks (was all new oak until early 2010s), raised 10 months (up from 7 months since early 2010s), malo blocked, filtered, 1,500-2,000 b


full yellow robe. The nose is crammed with ripeness, oak, has a stewed fruits-oak formula on display. The oak dominates. The palate holds flashy content, is overt in its fat, lacks precision and detail. The flavour is on white raisin, stem ginger, is tangy from the oak. It rumbles along, and requires white meats, cheese. Decant it. Try from 2018. 2023-24 Sept 2016

2014 ()

(casks) quite a full yellow colour; the nose is elegant, hardly yet en route. The oaking is fine, and the aromas involve soft flowers, pear, and a little cool lime. There is southern depth, nothing forced. The palate has a well established bearing, with gras richness that persists. The finish is rounded. Table wine, good with pork, fowl, sauced fish. 13.5°. From mid-2016. 1,750 b. €31. 43% Rouss, 29% Clair, 28% Gren bl. Bottled late Oct 2015. 2024-27  Oct 2015 

2011 ()

medium yellow colour. Baked crust or tart, cooked pear first airs here, toasting from its oak, banana flambé. The palate has a light oaking, a flavour of dried fruits, with spice and tobacco present, honey at the finish, then a note of bitter – the Marsanne. Compact, tightly together wine, but its finish is starting to loosen. It finishes very clearly, on its oak, and that clarity certainly helps its elegance. Has some potential. From 2014. 13.5°. Bottled 31 March 2012, released November 2012. €28.60. 2020-21  Dec 2012


OK yellow. Light oak-toast top air, nut, flan, peanut butter. Mild oaking helps to bolster its palate, but it lacks real confirmed matter, finishes quietly, on its oak. From late 2010. There are fragrant moments, but it wafts away at the end. To 2016. Nov 2009


floral, elegant, clear bouquet – white fruits, pear, greengage plums, spice: a good start. The palate is also elegant, flows well. Has the shape of the vintage, shows sinew, a little tension. White pepper comes along on the aftertaste. Beau, balanced, thorough, harmonious. 2016-17  Nov 2006