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The Wines

30-50% Grenache blanc (mid-1960s), 10-30% Roussanne, 10-28% Bourboulenc, 20-30% Clairette (mid-1960s) from 1 hectare on Canssaud (N-W), 0.9 hectare on La Crau (E), 0.7 hectare on Les Mascarrons (S), 0.4 hectare on La Gardine (N-W), varieties fermented apart, since 2007 fermented, raised new 228 & 600-litre, some 2 -year-old 300-litre oak casks 7 months, (before was 60% vat fermented at 12-18°C, 40% new oak cask fermented), lees stirred, malo blocked, 3,-3,800 b


elegant yellow robe; the bouquet mixes a nutty air, roasted nuts, with peach, peach stone, is a solid, set opening. The palate is firm, almost muscular, has something of a red wine structure, lengthens with assurance, has a compact, entwined finish, with a hint of peach, apricot there. The mid-palate is tasty, its most showy moment for now. This is a grounded Châteauneuf blanc for la table, to match lobster, full flavours, Mediterranean basin dishes. It’s good and thorough, genuine, and will evolve nice and gradually. Decanting helpful. 2029-31 July 2020


fizzy robe, a yellow colour. This has a mild peach-apricot aroma, is a bit loose. The palate attacks on what seems like some residual sugar with a spritzy feel, isn’t quite right. There are dried fruits on the finish, which is dry, not an ensemble. This doesn’t seem stable, and the leaning towards fizz is disconcerting. It’s also thin. Re-tasting needed. 14.5°. To 2020 Oct 2017


clear yellow robe. Has a fine aroma of peach fruit, white peach, greengage. The palate pings along well, with enjoyable purity of fruit, picks up a little knot of grip, tannin and glow towards the finish. The thread here is one of salted freshness, allied to attractive gras. Very charming, w.o.w. Châteauneuf, a thoroughly good drink. Suited to refined dishes, flavours, steamed foods. 14°. 5,000 b. 40% Gren bl, 30% Clair, 20% Rouss, 10% Bourb. 2023-25 Sept 2016


handsome yellow robe. The nose is nicely on the airborne side, mixes roast nuts with plum fruit, apricot and aniseed, a hint of petrol. The palate has an easy elegance, is tasty and nicely, assuredly long. The flavour assembles peach, nectarine. The aftertaste is lightly smoked, deals a little ball of tannin and grip. Good style and authenticity here. 13.5°. From spring 2016. 2022-24  Oct 2015

2013 ()

flinty colour. White fruits, spring flowers, acacia blossom airs on the nose, as well as a honeycomb fatness. There are spritz notes and a damp, “high” fruit aspect on the palate, which isn’t fully cohesive as it stands. The length is fair, the finish round but limited. This could be broader along the palate. It is dumb now, and I find it rather clumsy. From spring 2015. 13.5°. The blend is out of the usual this year: 30% Clairette, 30% Gren Blanc (low), 28% Bourboulenc (high), 10% Roussanne (low). £183 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk To 2019  Nov 2014

2011 ()

fine yellow robe. Nutty, lime-pear aroma, with dabs of lemon and flan, linden (tilleul). This is elegant, faithful Châteauneuf blanc destined for food and long-term development. Its pockets of herbs, garrigue, infused tea are stylish and render it an STGT wine. It has a slight red wine structure. Good with a variety of dishes: turkey with black truffles, scallops (St Jacques) in butter and diced leeks, sushi. 13.5°. 50% Gren bl, 20% Clair, 20% Rouss, 10% Bourb this year.  2022-24 Dec 2012 Previously Feb 2012 ***(*) (bottling in two months, April 2012) pale yellow; zesty, fresh, lateral aroma that comes with hints of pear, cooked white fruits, buttercup flowers. Attractive gras richness that is supple and welcoming on the palate, is trimmed with light spicing. Elegant wine, its length is secure and it provides bonny drinking. 2018-19 Feb 2012


nice rich robe, a full yellow with legs down the glass. The bouquet presents advanced airs of quince paté (paste), camomile tea, but I am not worried about it dropping off. There is also a thick peach jam aroma. This is fresh and long on the palate: there is a good cooked orange, fresh and elegant gras at its heart, and the balance is good. It is fine on the palate – there is a successful 2010 there. It can become fresher with another two to three years – I back it to rebound after this pause. 13.5°. 2024-26  Oct 2015

2008 ()

(pre-bottle) pale yellow; the nose reflects sweets, high tone, oak and varnish. Honey and banana combine, but there is a fresh air as well. The palate holds an interesting mix of dried fruits, followed by oak trimming. The length is good. Time is best –leave this until 2011 – its texture is tight. There is a nice contribution from the airy style grapes such as the Bourboulenc, and the finesse of the Roussanne – it makes for an elegant wine that can age. 2020-21 March 2009


(pre-bottle) pale yellow; oak n'honey debut to the bouquet, with some spring in its step, and width. Beyond the oak lies apricot-lime fruit. The palate starts with a buttery, honey combination, the oak being entrenched late on. Some sweetness comes along before the finish. Has a vanilla (oak) and white raisin taste towards the finish, where the oak is strong. From spring 2009 for less oak, more harmony. 2012-14 Jan 2008


full, notably ripe bouquet – some pear, bonbon sweets, good and persistent. Well made, harmonious constitution, with discreet power: pretty fruit and grip, also fresh. Made to last – is rather hidden now. Esp 2008-09 onwards. Vat only handling for this wine, with Bourboulenc and Picpoul in the mix as well. 2017-19 November 2006