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LVT NV wh wines here, 2017 r  The Tradition Clairette de Die is the best wine, a top grade example of Clairette de Die, can be ****. There is also a very interesting Coteaux de Die still white from mature Clairette. Since 2016 they have made two plot-specific Clairette de Dies, one white, the other rosé, from poor marl soils at 450 metres. These are called Clairette de Die Divine Tradition, which has a production of 7,000 bottles or so, against 120,000 of the regular. The white is great, really elegant and beguiling. In 2016 Emmanuel also launched a Châtillon-en-Diois red based on 1990 Gamay from 550 metres - it's a very correct altitude wine, even if the degree can be high. There has also been a partnership Vinsobres red.

Emmanuel & Alain Poulet Quartier La Chapelle 26150 Pontaix

Tel: +33(0)475 21 72 80


Countries exported to:1) Canada 2) USA East and Central 3) PR China 4) Germany 5) Belgium 6) NL - before 1) Germany 2) Belgium 3) NL 4) Denmark 5) USA 6) Canada, PR Chi

Percentage Exported: 20%, from 25%