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LVT 2018 r 2018 wh The Cave de Tain holds an enormous influence on the Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage area because of its widespread holdings - ie 70% of all Crozes comes from here. The wines are made in the modern way, with all the latest techniques - not surprising, given the size. The top Hermitage reds have made definite progress from 2005 onwards, with the Epsilon a very welcome newcomer since 2004. Hermitage Gambert de Loche, the other top red wine, has been an accomplished, steady performer in recent years, ****(*) in both 2015 and 2016. The white Hermitage is very sound and can absorb its oak as time passes, gaining complexity as it ages over 10 years or more. The occasional Hermitage white Vin de Paille, last two vintages 2015 and 2011, is a real treat, made from grapes dried on straw mats - a very long-lived, complex wine that recalls Hermitage of yore.

The range of Crozes-Hermitage reds has been sparked up by various wines from the northern, granite, zone and the southern, alluvial plains zone - some are called GN, after the village of Gervans, and BM, after the village of Beaumont-Monteux, or LA, after Laarnage. They were first made in 2011, somewhat in response to a suggestion of mine. The Saviaux wine, from La Roche de Glun in the south of the appellation, was good and true in both 2016 and 2017. Since 2015 there has also been a zero added SO2 wine Crozes red called Mouvement Perpetuel.

A similar policy has been applied to Saint-Joseph, where in 2018, there were red wines from Arras and Tournon, for example, both authentic.

Cornas is also creeping under the radar, with improved wines in recent years – there are now two cuvées there, The top  one, Arenes Sauvagess, was a striking ****(*) wine in the sun-filled vintage of 2018. 2018 marked the inclusion of stems in a few of the wines -  the Cornas classic taking 12% stems, for instance. There has been definite, steady progress on the whites, including Crozes, Saint-Joseph and Saint-Péray; after a dip in 2015, when they were skimpy, the 2016s improved again, perhaps thanks to later harvesting; this progress has generally been maintained.

The introduction in 2014 of an optical sorting unit when the crop is brought in has been a definite step forward for quality.

Xavier Gomart President 22 route de Larnage 26600 Tain l'Hermitage

Tel: +33(0)475 08 20 87



Countries exported to:1) GB 2) USA 3) Belgium

Percentage Exported: 30%

British Importers: Boutinot UK Limited, Brook House, Northenden Road, Gatley, Cheshire, SK8 4DN, +44(0)161 908 1300 www.boutinot.com

USA Importers: NY: Cognac One 29 East 61st St suite 330 NY 10065 +1212 584 1185 www.cognac-one.com contact@cognac-one.com Hand Picked Selections 400 Holiday Ct suite 201 Warrenton VA 20186 +1540 347 9400 info@hpswine.com



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