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LVT 2018 r 2018 wh Guy Farge used to sell his crop to the Cave de Tain, then Delas. He made his first wine in 2007. The approach is traditional, the Saint-Joseph wines aided by their vineyards standing on prime sites at St-Jean-de-Muzols. Usually these have been genuine, and agreeable wines, very true, from a man seeking to improve all the time. They reflect their often granite origins well. However, the quality of the reds has been more up and down in the 2017 vintage, while the style of the whites is for fat, ripe wines. The 2015 Cornas harmonie was a ***** wine, pre-bottling, long and well balanced, the 2018 correctly generous and sunny, a ****(*) wine. The 2015 Saint-Joseph vania white showed carbonic gas, a ***(*) wine, while the 2015 Saint-Joseph Passion des Terrasses red was an STGT ****(*) wine when tasted pre-bottling

6 Chemin de Halage 07300 Saint-Jean-de-Muzols

Tel: +33(0)475 08 77 95



British Importers: The Sampler (Passion de Terrasses) 35 Thurloe Place South Kensington SW7 2HP +44(0)207 225 5091 www.thesampler.co.uk Enotria/Great Western Wine (Terre de Granit) CS Fine & Champagne Stephane Gallice 26 Lacy Road London SW15 +44(0)774 013 7233 www.chezstephan.com

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