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The Wines

100% Syrah (inc 1973) from 5 plots, 80% destemmed, pre-fermentation cooling 12 hrs at 7-8°C if harvest done in very hot weather, 21-28 day vinification at 28-30°C, 0.5-1gm SO2 applied when juice enters the vat, twice daily pumping overs, one cap punching at 1010 specific gravity, 1.5 gm – 2 gm SO2 applied after the malo, nothing after that, aged 2-6 year oak casks, 92% 228-litres, 8% 400-litres (until early 2010s aged 30% new, 70% 1-2-3 year 225-litre oak casks) 11 months, filtered, biodynamic wine, 12-15,000 b

2018 ()

dark red; the bouquet has a trim floral, peony element, an air of cooked damson plum, is nice and open, unassuming. The palate holds mild red fruits, some fresh tang, has a steady reach. This is regular, correct St Jo, no frills. It’s close to OK for drinking now, is early and authentic. 2026-28 Feb 2020


dark red, purple tints; tar, brambly fruit, a tight bouquet with fruit gum touches of ripeness. The attack bounds along, gives free flow red fruits, mulberry, has a good, live delivery, the fruits travel a long way. There’s a fine mineral moment before the finish, a floral note there. 13°. Bottled Nov 2018. From mid-2019 2027-29 Feb 2019

2016 ()

dark red. Has a lucid, hose style crackle in the nose, black pepper, herbs, black berry fruits. The palate has the saline-floral neatness of good St Jo, with a notably tasty moment before the finish, a blackberry coulis there. There is light crunch on the aftertaste. This is a wine of some smoke and darkness, rigour. Decant it. “It’s still very closed,” Samuel Monier. 12.7°. From spring 2019. Bottled 24 October, 2017 – 29 days ago. 2026-27 Nov 2017


full, dark robe, black tints. Blackberry, licorice feature in a sweet density, a thick pastille aroma on a nose that isn’t giving much nuance yet. Light floral airs appear here and there.  The palate has a grounded weight, intense black fruits, gathers freedom after half way, takes on a spur of momentum, and the salt of the house. It holds together very well. There are good heartbeat and flourish in the late moments. Decanting advised. “The stems brought good acidity, which helps the finale,” Samuel Monier. 13.3°. €15.10 at the cellars. From mid-2019. 2032-34 Nov 2017


nicely sturdy dark red; There is a game-reduction top note to a pretty deep bouquet, a full, mulled berry fruit aroma, some spring flowers in with the road tar. The bouquet has a life force about it. The palate develops a really tasty raspberry/mulberry fruit – there is a notably intense ball of that – as it goes. It ends compact, round, still young. This is a very good example of country wine from the hills – there is a lifted, dentelle thread of life through it, and it is running strongly as it finishes. Has great inner reserves – it isn’t all on show obviously, and is the better for that. Some late glow appears as it ends. Authentic, STGT wine; as there is some clay in the soils for this, the gras richness is tight-knit, compact, more than offering the spark of the full granite. Drinks very well now on its early vigour. Day 2: there is markedly intense blackberry fruit with a becoming earthiness, a gummy layer in it. Plump, and good. 13°. 2022-24 Oct 2014


dark red, a rather thick robe. This has an intense aroma of mulled berries with a “high”, animal note of reduction, and licorice. The palate mixes violets and a lithe line of berry fruit, with grainy tannin on the finish. This is a deep-seated wine from a big year, and right now is in a state of flux. It holds plenty of locked up bounty, and a coated texture before the finish and its sprinkle of dustiness. It provides pretty good drinking now – earlier than one might have expected, testament to its balance. 13°. 2019-21 May 2015


(2 year cask, sugars, malo completed) full, dark robe, good depth. Violet scent, grainy black fruit aroma. Cautious start to the palate, which is rich at its heart. Still on its reserve, tight. Nice length, has mystery, a mineral finale, nice and rounded. Has an admirably light late touch, the fruit very attractive. STGT wine. 2017-19 Dec 2009