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LVT 2017 r 2018  wh  A very reliable source of traditional, good VALUE Vacqueyras, emphasis on hearty drinking with a softening over time, which repays patience. The vineyards are less treated than in the past, with daughter Corine steering things along. There is strong vintage respect, so the 2012 was juicy and detailed, while the 2013 was tight, wrapped up.

The vintages 2011 to 2015 inclusive of the classic red wine, called Cuvée du Château since 2013, were all ****, as was the 2018, while the 2017 was a ****(*) VALUE wine, a good result for a wine of 75,000 bottlesd, which makes it one of the largest domaine cuvées at Vacqueyras. An old vines wine, called Vertige des Gouttes, was made in 2014 and 2015; 60% Grenache (oldest 1940s), 40% Mourvèdre, it is less interesting than the classic red. The whites carry definite local character, go their own way, and are absolutely suited to la table. Under oenologue Emmanuel Gagnepain, they have improved, and the 2017 was a real bonny ****(*) STGT wine.

Pierre Seroul, daughter Corine, cellarmaster Jean-Sébastien Sastre 774 route des Roques BP 9 84190 Vacqueyras

Tel: +33(0)490 65 85 16



Countries exported to:1) Germany 2) Ireland 3) Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 40%

British Importers: Peter Watts Wines London City Bond Tilbury Dock Essex RM18 7SX +44(0)208 681 3222 sales@peterwattswines.co.uk Davy's Cellars 161-165 Greenwich High Road London SE10 8JA +44208 681 3222 www.davywine.co.uk wine@davywine.co.uk The Winebuff Holdings Ltd PO Box 415 Limerick IRE +353 6142 3904 mike@thewinebuff.com

USA Importers: J Strecker 2308 Northeast 107th Street Seattle WA 98125-6622 +1206 783 2009 info@jstreckerselections.com Weygandt Metzler Importing PO Box 56 Unionville PA 19375 +1610 486 0800 peter@weygandtmetzler.com Baron Francois Limited 11 Hanover Square 13 Floor New York NY 10005 +1212 924 141 Terroir Export Thibault Poisson 3 rue des Fourneaux 41000 Blois France +33(0)6 11 10 44 15 infos@terroirsexport.com