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The Wines

25% each Grenache blanc, Bourboulenc (both mid-1970s), Marsanne, Viognier, with Roussanne to come on stream, from stony, clay-limestone soils on Les Garrigues, destemmed, 5 week steel vat fermentation at 17-18°C, raised 4-6 months, malo blocked, 3,200-10,000 b

2018 ()

attractive, refined yellow robe; there are lemon touches in an elegant nose that comes with a light note of pear. This drinks with pleasure, has a stylish white fruits presence with greengage plum, touches of apricot. It lengthens well, is all very consecutive along the palate, is a nicely tuned Vacqueyras blanc, a well made hot climate white, so there’s no heaviness. The second half is firm, sustained, rather fuelled. The aftertaste is nutty. It needs food, would go well with paella, for example, bold flavours. 14°. 2026-27 June 2020

2017 ()

joli yellow robe. Apricots, greengage fruits mingle on the nose, cooked lemon and buttery prompts. The palate is nice and savoury, really rolls well with its stylish gras, white fruits, white plums, and keeps going truly into a local, aniseed inspired finish. This is STGT Vacqueyras blanc which will go very well with pork dishes, firm fish such as red mullet in fennel. The balance is good, so it will evolve surely. 14.5°. 3,200 b. 25% Bourb, 25% Gren bl, 25 Marsanne, 25% Vio. 2025-26 Feb 2018

2016 ()

full yellow robe. The nose has peach and ripe fruit airs, some tilleul (linden/lime), liquid honey, salted notes. The palate gives dried fruits, quince flavours; this is a good, solid Vacqueyras blanc, up for classic French cuisine including ris de veau or sweetbreads thanks to its traditional style. It’s a little bit on its degree towards the finish, is a weighty wine for la table, decanting advised. 14°. 2024-25 Feb 2018


full yellow robe, a wee spot of gold. Cooked citrus, nicely tangy airs here, grapiness, liquid honey. It’s a nicely broad bouquet. The palate runs well from the attack, carries a good centre of gras richness with layered flavour, on peach-nuttiness, nectarine. This is authentic, has a good base of Grenache blanc, with Marsanne grip – a good duo of them. The balance is good; it ends with salt, has character. 13°, a degree less than the 2016, and indicative of a better balanced wine. 2025-26 Feb 2018 Previously May 2017 ***(*) rather a full yellow robe. The bouquet has a charming ease about it, a rounded aroma of peach and pear with a dab of saltiness. The palate runs with a free hand-out of nectarine-peach style fruit, a little late, citrus-mandarin grip. This has been harvested for freshness, and achieves that via its soft styling. It will go well with noodles, plaice, summer salads. 13°. 2020-21 May 2017

2014 ()

yellow robe. The nose has apricot, quince paste airs, leans towards aniseed of Marseille [anis de Marseille], also shows honey, has southern charm. The attack is good and lucid, comes with a dried fruits flavouring, white peach, grape essence, extends surely. Good, tasty gras lies at its centre; it is refined via its 2014 freshness. There are touches of herbs towards the finish. Good with fillet mignon of pork. These whites have their own character, are not mainstream. 14°. 2023-24 Feb 2018 Previously Jan 2016 ***(*) fine yellow robe. Peach and roasted nut airs feature in a nicely rounded aroma, a nose which has a bonny trail of freshness. This is an engaging start. The palate moves directly, with saline moments. The flavour centres on a compote of white fruits, peach stone, with refined lime. The acidity is fine, as is the length. It drinks easily, and has enough body for hors d’oeuvres, salads, cold meats. It is nicely authentic. 14°. 7,000 b. €13. To 2020 Jan 2016


golden hue - quite advanced in colour. The nose feels heavy, and gives little aroma. The palate is neutral, with a drying finish. Can’t see this improving. 14°. €12.50 at the cellars. 4,000 b. To 2016 JL Dec 2014

2012 ()

(vat) pear-yellow colour. White jam air that isn’t especially clear, displays peach, varnish, some honeysuckle, white pepper – the bouquet has a little grace. This is traditional wine, with dry fruits, rather dry features as it goes. It shows a steady grip near the finish. A bit plain. It has fair freshness. Suited to foods such as chicken in mushrooms, country style home dishes. 13°. €10.90 at cellars. 2018-19  May 2013